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  1. F

    Intel Security Issue Update: Progress Continues on Firmware Updates

    Intel continues to work closely with industry partners to protect customers against the security exploits disclosed by Google Project Zero. As I shared January 22, we identified the root cause of the reboot issue affecting the initial Broadwell and Haswell microcode updates. Since then, we’ve...
  2. E

    New 3DS firmware adds folders to Home screen

    Nintendo helps to clean up your clutter. 3DS is over a year old now and owners' Home screens are starting to get a little cluttered. Nintendo knows this and it's doing something about it. Click here to read the full article More...
  3. C

    3.40 OE-A firmware

    Hi! I just found my old psp that i haven't played for a few years. It has 3.40 OE-A firmware and i used to play games from iso. Now I tried to play football manager 2011 from ISO and just got a black screen. My question is: Do I have to upgrade my firmware to play new games (if yes which...
  4. C

    Can/should i get a custom firmware?

    I dug out my old psp and wondered whats the benefits/drawbacks (if any) or installing a custom firmware. Also if someone can give me a quick guide/link me to a good one that would be great :). I dont wanna mess up my PSP >.<. Its currently Version 2.8(ish) but i have the 6.37 update ready to...
  5. C

    Changing my firmware

    My psp is running on 5.03 M-33 but i want to update it.Can anyone teach me how?
  6. C

    Forgot how to install custom firmware!

    Ok.. I was very informed about the psp hacks 2.5 years ago but I moved out to go to college and I thought I lost my PSP... I found it yesterday cleaning my closet... I completely forgot how to upgrade/downgrade but I still rember the basics such as converting PSX games to .CSO and adding...
  7. C

    Need Custom firmware on psp 1000

    Just pulled out my psp and starting searching up stuff about and i want to get a custom firmware on it its a PSP Phat at version 5.03 I'm a complete noob and read upon ChickHen but dont know if its for me HELP! -Moved to PSP Help- If you need help, post in the PSP Help forum - Administrator
  8. C

    psp firmware help please.

    :mrgreen:Hi all, got a modded psp 1001 which can play backup games via memory card. It was modded aroung two years ago and currently running version 3.71 m33 which i guess is well out of date now? My son has started playing on it again but the newer games dont seem to work,so please if anyone...
  9. C

    Problems running Hellcat's after firmware problem...

    Hi, I'm trying to run Hellcat's after my firmware broke. I can't get anything to run on it - games or apps - due to some file or other being deleted, as a result of a dodgy patching program. I'm using 5.50 GEN-D3. I've got HRF 1.65. I've extracted the RECOVERY folder to PSP/GAME as per the...
  10. C

    Help with modded firmware

    I have a 3.71 M33 ( really ancient), what will i need to upgrade to the latest modded firmware, to play the latest games. I have a PSP-1001
  11. C

    what firmware pspgo is hackable?

    im thinking of buying a psp. (maybe a go) what is the latest firmware? is it hackable yet? can it run iso's and psx eboot.pbp's? homebrew?
  12. C

    Im on 3.80 M33 firmware

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section (there are so many!) and I did try to search before posting. As the title says, Im on 3.80 M33 (Ancient huh?) My psp is the origional one (psp-1003 i think). I want to get it back to the origional firmware which would have been the factory firmware...
  13. C

    Please help - Noob - psp fat 1004 firmware 3.03 hack

    Hy. I have 24 hours to decide do i take this psp for me , i am looking at guides and they all say i need gta liberty city for this firmware or lumines for 3.5 but i have only vice city :/ Is there any new way of hacking , can i hack this psp to install custom firmware? Thanks a lot
  14. C

    Hacking a 1003 with 5.5 original firmware

    I have downloaded Hellcat recovery flasher as instructed, it appears in the menu but as soon as I press X it says "the game cannot be started. The data is corrupt". What am I doing wrong? I upgraded to 5.5 accidentally, all I want to do is play films - I use Xillisoft to convert films to PSP...
  15. C

    Update firmware from 3.71 M33-2

    I need help to guide me in upgrade my current firmware. My PSP slim has a firmware version 3.71 M33-2, which i know that it is very old and have to upgrade to be able to play a new game. Can anyone advise me which version of firmware i should upgrade to? and how i can do that.. Thank you very...
  16. C

    How do i custom firmware my psp 3000???

    Hi there im new to this forum and have a psp 3000 model and want to hack my psp and have no idea how to do this ive search the net and cant find anything for my model. If somebody can plz help that would be great thanks azz
  17. C

    Firmware Question - SHOULD I UPGRADE?

    Okay i have a psp phat currently running on 5.50 GEN-D3, i see that there are new cfw's out now for the newer psp's. Just wondered if there are any reasons to upgrade, will there be any new bells & whistles so to speak with the newer fw's dont want to upgrade if there is no point!! sorry if...
  18. C

    All Custom Firmware types?

    Ok, so I am very confused and not understanding clearly what the differences are between m33, HEN, ME, and all the other ones. I'm hoping to make this clear for me, if someone can post me pros and cons of each and then give their own opinion like which they use and why they use it will be great...
  19. C

    best firmware for psp 1001

    I need a good firmware with all iso,cso,plugins support i am on 6.60 pro b9 but i lacks of plugins. 500 m33 or new ones?
  20. C

    I need help updating my firmware

    Here is a little background: many years ago i bought a PSP1001 new in box. I gave it to a much more tech-savvy friend who installed custom firmware for me. I never really used it much but now I want to get some use out of it. I tried getting some backups for some psp games and noticed that...
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