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    The super nintendo console made to scam collectors

    This video goes into detail over a counterfeit super nintendo designed to scam collectors.
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    Fake Limited Edition Sega Consoles

    I just found this NTSC-U Metallic Silver Dreamcast on eBay. I'm pretty sure it's just spray painted but what do you think? I thought there were only two Dreamcasts released in North America. The Black Sega Sports Edition and the regular model. Correct me if I'm wrong. Dreamcast Metallic...
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    Sonic Dreams Collection -- Fake Leaked Game

    Sonic Dreams Collection, takes the form of four "leaked" Dreamcast prototypes that never saw the light of day. In reality, of course, it's a twisted, free tribute to Sega's mascot. --PC Gamer Sonic Dreams Collection is available now from HEDGEHOG EXPOSED 2015(C), which is an actual, functional...
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    Can i softmode a fake psp battery

    Can i softmode a fake psp battery to convert to a pandora battery I want to unbrick my psp 1001
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    Are there fake Transcend microSD cards?

    I just bought a Transcend microSDHC class-6 card. How can I check whether it is genuine or not?
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    Not sure if mem stick is fake

    Recently ordered an 8GB Sony memory stick online (3rd party Amazon seller, 23$ including shipping), and it had some trouble with data transferring. I tried reformatting on the computer and I noticed the maximum size for it was only 3.5 GB, but when reformatting on the PSP it goes back to 7600 or...
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    PlayMax 8gb Memory Stick PRO duo fake?

    Hey guys I got a new 8gb memory stick and when i check if its magicgate supported it says unknown. However the memory card works I think I will need to use up all 8 gigs to know if its real or not. I am not fully convinced yet that my memory card is fake just yet mainly because I bought it in a...
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    Help! Did I buy fake PhotoFast CR-5400?

    So I recently bought 2 PhotoFast Cr-5400. And I just want to make sure if they are authentic. Here are the photos of the adapters: http://www.flickr.com/photos/46076764@N05/5489842212/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/46076764@N05/5489842218/ As you can see, both adapters have the same serial...
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    Fake np folder? ? ?

    While signing games it require fake np folder from where i can get it . In iso game only psp game folder 's here . Please help. What 's fake np
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    Does Walmart sell Fake memory sticks?

    I want to buy a new memory stick for my PSP.
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    what is the use of fake region in psp recovery menu?

    what is the use of fake region in psp recovery menu?
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