Help! Did I buy fake PhotoFast CR-5400?


So I recently bought 2 PhotoFast Cr-5400. And I just want to make sure if they are authentic.

Here are the photos of the adapters:

As you can see, both adapters have the same serial number, which is S2-0002S. Does that mean they are fake?

And also, look at the MicroSD slots. They are not circled. According to PhotoFast, that's a sign the adapter is fake.

So, are they really fake or are they real? If they're fake, can you please tell me where I can buy real and authentic PhotoFast CR-5400 adapters?


P.S: Can I still use them if they are fake? I mean, what's the difference between real and fake adapters? Does the fake one have slower read/write speed, or what?
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