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    Fable: The Journey

    Avatar AwardsComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award. Avatar How to unlock Fable: The Journey T-shirt Fable: The Journey T-Shirt can be unlocked by progressing through your Journey. Mask of the Devourer Mask of the Devourer can be unlocked by progressing...
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    Fable Anniversary

    Easy "As Quiet As A Whisper" achievementEarly in game when you practice strength and melee with Whisper, you will engage her in a duel. Defeat her without getting hit. If you happen to get hit, wait for the NPC that grades your performance to get another chance.
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    Fable III

    Avatar AwardsComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award. Award How to unlock Crown Become the ruler of Albion. Royal Boots Win the support of the Dwellers. Royal Shirt Win the support of the Bowerstone. Royal Trousers Win the support of the Swift...
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    Fable Heroes

    Heroes T-ShirtUnlock the Heroes T-Shirt by completing the Millfields level.
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    Fable Fortune

    Various AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock Albion's Champion (100 points) Win 500 games. Beyond Belief (100 points) Win 100 games with Prophet. Brewing Up a Storm (15 points) Win 10 games with...
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    What would Fable be like on the Dreamcast?

    As some of you may know, the famous Open World RPG Fable that released for the Original XBOX & PC, was originally going to be on the SEGA Dreamcast, one question in mind would be, what would it be like? so i'd like to know what the people of the SEGA Dreamcast think. Online Co-op on Modem...
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    Fable: The Lost Chapters

    Avo's tearTo get avos tear you must complete every quest in the game that are on the quest table at the guild. Note: If you do not have enough renown use your trophies to get more an example is outside the guild go on the boating stand and wait for everybody t gather and then get off and...
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    "Ages Of" potion useIts best to use the Ages potions (Ages of will, etc) when you have a high combat multiplier. This way, it is 100 X whatever the multiplier is.
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    Fable: The Lost Chapters

    AugumentsThis is more of a hint but an easy thing to do. First, you are going to want to go to the guilde and grab "White Balverine" off the quest table. Once you do everything you need to do, a women should give you a silver augument. After she gives you that, hold down "G" and teleport...
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    Unlimited goldWhen you get to the Blind Seeress quest, you can take advantage of a glitch to get as much gold as desired. World save before you enter the cave in Oakvale and continue with the quest. Sneak past the bandits to get through the gates in the first section, then use your Slow Time...
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    Fable 3

    Early Road to Ruin chestsJoin a friend's game who has completed the game. Travel to the Road to Ruin. Once there you can open any chest on that path, if you have the correct amount of Guild seals. For example, at the beginning of the game if you have 60 Guild seals and you want the Blade...
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    Fable Anniversary

    Various Steam Achievements Achievement How to unlock A Family Friend Rescue the Archaeologist, and find the secret entrance into Bargate Prison. A Wild Jack Appears From the Void to the Guild, it's time to fight the big bad guy. Are You Listening To Me? Few things are smarter in...
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    Fable Age

    CharactersSell one-star and two-star characters as soon as you have your team filled with three-star or better characters. Power your team members up often. Use found books to level your characters up. Enter the "Enhance" and use potions to increase health and attack stats, elixirs to get...
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    Fable 2 : Pub Games Cheat Codes

    Easy Money When playing Fortune's tower on 150-1500 you can place your bet down at the lowest number of 150, after the gate card is layed down, hit Left Bumpter to raise your bet to 1500. The amount of money you'll have put down will be 150, but the multiplier of the money you get back will...
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    News round-up: Halo 4 unveiled, Assassin's Creed 3 trailer, new Fable and Forza games

    All of today's UK gaming headlines in one place... It's been a monster day for gaming announcements and we can probably expect a few more from GDC this week, so stay tuned over the coming days. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Let's Play Fable 3: Part 1 Beginings of the Queen. By ncamon

    First part of the Fable 3 let's play I was talking about. A bit late, but have tech issues. Going for princess, low morals, but will turn as a benevolent ruler for challenge. Compared to my first go: Good, had some tyrant rulings for money, prince.
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