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Easy Money
When playing Fortune's tower on 150-1500 you can place your bet down at the lowest number of 150, after the gate card is layed down, hit Left Bumpter to raise your bet to 1500. The amount of money you'll have put down will be 150, but the multiplier of the money you get back will be as if you put down 1500.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Big Spinner ( 10 points )Win Big ( at least 100 times your bet ) at any Spinnerbox game
Champion of Chance ( 30 points )Win a tournament
Fabled Financier ( 0 points )Play a pub game with your Fable® II Hero
Fortunate Finder ( 10 points )Unlock a new game of any type
High Roller's Club ( 20 points )Earn a 5-star rating
I Want It All ( 40 points )Earn all 15 unique items
Lucky Locksmith ( 30 points )Unlock all games
No Stone Unturned ( 110 points )Get a jackpot in Keystone
Not Just Another Mark ( 10 points )Earn a 3-star rating
Penultimate Player ( 10 points )Place in a tournament
Serious Stakeholder ( 20 points )Have a bankroll over 2,500 gold
Warrior's Luck ( 10 points )Get a jackpot in Fortune's Tower

Fortune's Tower Exploit​

Here’s a great way to earn some cash for Fable 2. Play Fortune’s Tower in normal, non-tournament mode. Lay down the minimum bet, and as soon as you hit the A button to deal, hold up on the left analog stick to increase your bet as the first card is laid on the table. Depending on how fast you were in increasing your bet, you can make some more cash. The great thing is that only your original bet will be counted towards your deficit.

This works exceptionally well on early tower levels and later ones alike.

The above technique works great. But instead of using the left stick to press up in order to increase your bet rapidly, simply tap the Left Bumper instead. It’s much easier!

An update to the game has removed this exploit. If you haven't updated your game, you'll still be able to do it, but if you've updated your game or downloaded it "recently" (as of September, 2008), you won't be able to utilize this exploit anymore.

Keystone tournament: Easy wins​

Use the following trick if you become stuck on one of the Keystone tournaments. Check the scores after you finish the first game of five. Check if one of the top five scoring players are at your table (press RT to see the game standings). If so, copy the bets of that player. Chances are his luck will continue and you will gradually work your way to the top. You can play it safe and not bet on the long shots such as a trip, three 2's rolled, three 3's, etc. when the player bets on them.

Start a Tournament game of Keystones. Place the maximum bets on the outer arch. Roll the dice until the game finishes, making sure not to place any other inside bets or the results may be flawed and you can lose. Using this trick will double your placed bets and ensure that you will stay in one of the top places, earning you the desired item. Because the CPU keeps betting on the inside bets, it will keep losing its gold, allowing you keep placing to the top. It is possible to win the entire tournament just by doing this trick.

Spinnerbox: Faster game​

While playing a game of Spinnerbox, press A to stop the spinners quicker. It does not change your chances of winning.
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