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    Eyuu Densetsu Sen no Kiseki

    Codes from: JorgeFFC BLJM61059 v1.00 to v1.03 Max Mira on Sell(Money) v1.00 = 001A2A30 40810008 v1.03 = 001AAEF0 40810008 OGP: 7C6340147C0338404181000860670000 COP: 7C6340147C0338404081000860670000 Cut Sepith Cost on Exchange(Shops for Money/Quartz) v1.00 = 001A29F0 60000000 v1.03 = 001AAEB0...
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    Eyuu Densetsu Sen no Kiseki 2

    With my newbie knowledge and comparing abilities i've converted the codes from first game to work with the second... Codes originally by: Games24 some made by myself and updated to second game version. BLJM61183 v1.03 Max Mira on Sell(Or at the Start of the Game) 00226818 40810008 OGP...
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