Eyuu Densetsu Sen no Kiseki 2


With my newbie knowledge and comparing abilities i've converted the codes from first game to work with the second...

Codes originally by: Games24 some made by myself and updated to second game version.

BLJM61183 v1.03
Max Mira on Sell(Or at the Start of the Game)
00226818 40810008
OGP: 7C6340147C0338404181000860670000
COP: 7C6340147C0338404081000860670000

Cut Sepith Cost on Exchange(Shops for Money/Quartz)
002267D8 60000000
OGP: 906600004800000C7C65181090660000
COP: 906600004800000C6000000090660000

Max EP(Infinite)
00067254 B0BE02D8
OGP: 7CA420787C632378B07E02D8E8010090
COP: 7CA420787C632378B0BE02D8E8010090

Max CP(Infinite) --> [B][U]Note 1[/U][/B]
0006E398 B0BE02D4
OGP: 7CA420787C632378B07E02D4E8010090
COP: 7CA420787C632378B0BE02D4E8010090

Infinite Item Usage --> [B][U]Note 2[/U][/B]
0021E580 7CA42B78
OGP: 78630020A0A300027C8428107CA400D0
COP: 78630020A0A300027CA42B787CA400D0

Permanent Buffs --> [B][U]Note 3[/U][/B]
00094AC8 30630000
OGP: 41820660806500083063FFFF2C030000
COP: 4182066080650008306300002C030000

Untested Codes(Because i didn't play the game or advance story, i prefer waiting someone translating it or an english release)
Infinite Bait(Fishing)
0023CA74 30860000
OGP: 3086FFFFB085000038600000987D01B1
COP: 30860000B085000038600000987D01B1

Infinite Friendship Action Point --> [B][U]Note 4[/U][/B]
001E78C4 60000000
OGP: 306318387863002090A300004E800020
COP: 3063183878630020600000004E800020

[B][U]Codes down here are from:[/U][/B] BlogLivedoorGameCheat
No Reduce Brave Points
OGP: 7C8430107CC400D07CC6FE767CC42038
COP: 388000057CC400D07CC6FE767CC42038

Max Sepith on Change
OGP: 4180001038600000906600004800000C
COP: 3C6000016063869F906600004800000C

No Reduce Takepoint Action(dunno what's this?)
OGP: 7C6320147C7EE32E33BD0010337B0001
COP: 386000007C7EE32E33BD0010337B0001

Note 1: This will give infinite Ultimate Specials too(Can keep using followed non-stop on any enemy).
Note 2: This code will add 1 item, instead of use, keep in mind that if you have 99 of an equipment for example, you can't un-equip an character equipped with that item, so, try to keep your gears at around 10.
Note 3: Any skill granting stats effect will be permanent(attack boosters, def boosters, etc). Keep in mind that all ailments will be permanent unless you use an item to remove the ailment.
Note 4: Using this code will let you watch all friendship events, but will give some bugs on shops and stores(like impossible to close the store). Don't play with this active, use, watch the events and deactivate(Untested at second game).
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