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    Nobody Wants to Die - Launch Trailer

    Nobody Wants to Die - Launch Trailer View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQhPdgaJAkE
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    Resident Evil Gaiden

    99 Handgun Bullets You have to be in the engine room before fighting the B.O.W. on the 12th save point. Die on purpose when fighting the B.O.W. Use a continue. Get the handgun bullets and keep doing this until you have 99 handgun bullets.
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    101 Ways to Die

    Various AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock Blood Bank (100 points) Spill 1000 litres of blood. Chained (10 points) Perform your first combo. Circus Act (50 points) Kill 50 Splatts with the Cannon...
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    Die Hard: Vendetta

    Cheat CodesFor this next game, all cheats codes must be entered at main menu screen. The cheat will then flash at the top of the screen if you entered it correctly. "Flame On" Mode (Character models on fire): B, X, Y, B, X, Y "Hot Hands" Mode (Punch enemies to set them on fire): X, B, Y...
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    Die Hard: Vendetta

    Be Invincible Go to the main menu and press L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R. Bullets Explode Go to the main menu and press L, R, Z, Y, B. Enemies Punched Are Set On Fire Go to the main menu and press B, Y, L, L. Get Big Head Mode Go to the main menu and press R, R, L, R. Get Liquid metal...
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    Left To Die In Zombhai CWCheats [NPEZ-00347]

    _S NPEZ-00347 _G Left To Die In Zombhai _C0 Cash _L 0x20F8CB10 0x0001869F _C0 Kill Count _L 0x20FF2F50 0x0000270F _C1 Baldassano
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    Medal of Honor Warfighter gameplay video: Bullets fly and pirates die

    See more of Danger Close's E3 demo. EA has released a seven minute gameplay demo for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Dead or Alive 5 will not have post-launch DLC characters Microsoft claims ownership of leaked Xbox 720 document Metro Last...
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    Die Hard Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    Debug mode Press Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Up, Run at the title screen. | [Sent by Neto] Unlimited continues Hold I and press Run at the title screen. | [Sent by Neto]
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    Die hard trilogy

    Manual Introduction They're intelligent. Highly-trained. And they kill without remorse. They're a team of vicious international terrorists and unless their demands are met, hundreds of innocent lives will be lost. Hostages have been taken. Explosives set. Now, from the glass-and-steel labyrinth...
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    Skate or Die 2 game genie codes (for NES)

    Skate or Die 2 Adventure game SXUXZPVG Infinite energy SXVPTVVK Infinite paint clips AANPZPPA + AAXOZLPA Infinite eggs AAVPTLPA + AEEOAPPA Infinite M-80's AEESAAPG + AAKATAPG Skate at any speed Stunt ramp PAUYLLLA Only 1...
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    Die Hard game genie codes (for NES)

    Die Hard SXEZTYSA Lose no life points when shot with pistol SXOZIYSA Lose no life points when shot with submachine gun SXXZLYSA Lose no life points when punched PEOKIPAP Start with 1 life point instead of 16 ZEOKIPAP Start...
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    Ski or Die Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Ski or Die Typed out by tsr NES-7S-USA How to play Ski or Die(tm) Ultra(r) Games --- Stalking in a winter wonderland Once again, Rodney's slushy ski shack is open for business. But Rod and his host of inhospitables refuse to let you enjoy the sub-zero ski fest. Because ferocious freaks...
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    Skate or Die Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Skate or Die ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Page 1 was the front cover * Page 2 * Nintendo's Seal of Quality logo is on the left side of the page (middle)... ULTRA SOFTWARE CORPORATION LIMITED WARRANTY Ultra Software Corporation warrants to...
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    Skate or Die 2 Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Warp Start a game, then press Start, A, Select and B on Controller 2. To warp to the different areas, press the appropriate direction on Controller 2: Right - Mall Left - Beach Up - Plant To advance to a different level after warping, do the code again and press the appropriate direction.
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