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    Stutter Fix Disclaimer: This mod is for people having stuttering issues, it has some slight concessions. This mod will benefit mostly people with low VRAM or slow HDD drives. If you have a high amount of VRAM you can also try the "no streaming version" which...
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    Half-Life Dreamcast Commands & Cvars

    I've been messing around with CVARs and Commands for the Half-Life Dreamcast. Here is a few neat things: The framerate is locked at 66fps, you can raise the framerate fps_single 100 That sets the frame-rate to 100 Interesting enough these two commands are also implemented. fps_modem...
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    PlayStation 4 voice commands limited to a few basics, not supported by all third-party apps

    Unlike the Xbox One's philosophy with Kinect voice commands that control everything from turning on the console to searching the online store, the PlayStation 4's camera / mic array can only interpret a handful of relatively basic voice commands. The console can't be "woken" while in standby...
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    Fallout the Console commands

    To access the console for these commands, press the ~ [tilde] key
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