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    PSX rips for Bleemcast and bleem beta all colors stuff

    A few years back I made 211 selfboot bleemcast disks. I am still a fan of this emulator. Recently I went back to this bleemcast stuff. So, I was doing this: using the ip.bin that is from the leaked bleem beta all colors, not using the bundled ip.bin from the bleemcast selfboot script. (when...
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    Gran Turismo PSP Exclusive Car Colors Unlocked

    We can Thank Hardtofind for Unlocking the Exclusive Color Cars. HE did the work on them, nobody else, and lost allot of sleep doing so. There are also ALLOT of codes for Gran Turismo PSP already out there for CWCheat besides the Car Color Codes, so I will include them in the post. All...
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    Sony adds four new PSP "Carnival Colors" to worship

    In a sudden retch of pigmentation, Sony just spat out the "Carnival Colors" collection of PSPs. Starting March 5th in Japan, the new colors matched with a 2200mAh battery will set you back a tax-inclusive price of ¥19,800 (about $223). Otherwise, you can drop ¥24,800 (about $279) for the 4GB...
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    Two-Tone Colors

    After seeing about a thousand different SNES consoles in my lifetime ( so far :P ) I have noticed a trend with the console colors. The top part of the console is a different color than the bottom portion of the console. Does anyone know why this is?
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