PSX rips for Bleemcast and bleem beta all colors stuff

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A few years back I made 211 selfboot bleemcast disks.
I am still a fan of this emulator.
Recently I went back to this bleemcast stuff.

So, I was doing this:

using the ip.bin that is from the leaked bleem beta all colors, not using the bundled ip.bin from the bleemcast selfboot script. (when you build the bleem image this is a temp file that is deleted from MILTEMP directory)

using the bleem4DC.ini from the retail bleemcast disk edited with the SLUS id of the psx game to be added.

for some reason the ip.bin and the bleem beta bin does not need to be binhacked? also ipins is the same as -G ip.bin in mkisofs. i have to use a 32bit OS to make bleemed disks ffs. i tried all sorts of different ways to make bleemed disks on 64bit OS to no avail.

Next, I tried making PSX rips of games that were known not to work with bleem.
The idea is that if you remove the sound and movie files from PSX games, then they should work with bleemcast??

I have run into some issues with this.
I have tried using different apps to rip disk images of the .xa, .str files to no avail.
I have tried rebuilding the images from scratch and dummying the .str, .xa files to no avail.

If anyone knows the correct way to build PSX rips that will actually boot...let me know.

Here is some more bleem beta stuff:

Anyone that knows ASM pls try this on the bleem beta (all colors):

Here is extra info included - BETA Known Protections
================== ==================
- basically what happens is it copies its own data to 0x8c00f??? range
- then decrypts that data using a v.simple algorithm
- a mixture of a key in GR14 and using the XOR instruction

0x8c00f1ec: MOVLL (R2) --> R0
0x8c00f1ee: DT R1 - 1 --> R1; if R1=0, T=1, else T=0
0x8c00f1f0: XOR R0 ^ R13 --> R0
0x8c00f1f2: ADD R0 + R14 --> R0
0x8c00f1f4: XOR R14 ^ R13 --> R14
0x8c00f1f6: SUB R13 - R0 --> R13
0x8c00f1f8: MOVLS R0 --> (R2)


BLEEM BETA Info. (most ppl claim all bleem beta colors are the same):

This is most of the conversation between myself "Me" and the person I got these from "Betatester"
Of course this are not the real nicks we use, I changed that to hide our identities.

These betas are VERY real. They are not locked down to 1 game. They are betas to test all Playstation games.
Now here is the tricky part, each beta tester was given different color coded Dreamcasts.
The betas has something in the code at will look in the rom on the specified dreamcast. The discs will
ONLY work on that machine and no other. Some how this code needs to be removed so that it is usable on any dreamcast.
Only other thing missing is an which is the audio track to make the cd selfbootable. It should be the 
same track this is used in the Echelon Selfboot Kit but in Nero Burning Rom audio format.

[03:49] <Me> what did ya'll have to use to burn it anyways?
[03:50] <Betatester> I've never really looked at how it works, before.  It looks like it's cutting the first 37376 bytes off the data part of the image, then appending something (That Rand gave us...  Included) to the beginning in it's place
[03:50] <Betatester> Just Nero, and some program that Rand gave us.  I think he made it.
[03:50] <Betatester> It looks like all it does is cuts up a binary file, though
[03:51] <Me> ok
[04:30] <Betatester> Well, each one was encoded to only work on that specific DC
[04:30] <Betatester> However, if you mean the burning process, no, it was the same for them all.
[05:16] <Me> i mean different color dc's got different builds
[05:24] <Betatester> Well, I'm really not sure if they were different builds or not.  I'm thinking that he might have done some kind of encoding on them, AFTER he did the builds, to make it work on the individual DC's.  But, I don't know that for sure.  He might have had the encoding done during the build itself, in which case they would be different builds for each color.
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