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    planning to buy psp 3006 version 6.35 iso tool is it good?

    What is the best version of psp 3006? that can easily be hacked and can play ps1 games, cso and iso? is the 6.35 version okay im a totally noob on psp and im planning to buy 1 within this month and im wondering which is the best, im fix on psp 3006 and i saw it has a version 6.35 in the box, is...
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    Where should I buy a 32gb memory stick from?

    I recently got a 32gb Lexmark stick from Newegg, but it was DOA. After it got refunded I saw there was a official Sony 32GB Memory Stick HX, but I don't know where else to buy it from other than Ebay which is loaded with fakes from hong kong and such. If I wanted to get a good 32gb card where...
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    Can I play COD7 with this controller? My old controller was broken. I want to buy a n

    My old controller was broken. I want to buy a new one. How about this?
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    av cable, were can i buy it?

    would you specify were can i buy a COMPOSITE av cable? my sister is going to hempstead NY and i will ask her to buy it for me because i can't find those here at Guatemala. Can you specify a store besides EB games and Gamestop were she can buy this cable? Or, at least, tell me were can i ask this...
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    4GB Scandisk for $19.99 at Best Buy

    Thought I'd let you guys know, I thinks its a pretty good deal so I went and got one.
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    Best place to buy spareparts for PSP?

    Does anyone know a good place to buy spare parts for my PSP in the UK, other than ebay? I'm looking for a new screen and the new bottom button bar. Thanks
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    Is amazon a good place to buy memorysticks?

    Is amazon a good place to buy memory sticks or is it just like ebay? I recently heard that i could use PhotoFast cr-5400;MicroSDHC to MS PRO DUO Adapter. I was wondering if this is a good thing to...
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    Where to buy a cheap psp batterywith fast shipping?

    Anyone know where? Thanks
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    where to buy

    where is a good place to buy cosmetic parts...things like the face plate...side pieces...the metal circle on the looking to change the look of my psp 2000...any help would be great...thank you
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    Any good site to buy an Extendedbattery?

    Ever since my PSP slim broke down, I've been my brother's keepsake phat PSP (with the original battery from launch). I do get annoyed by the fact it only lasts like 2 hours on the highest settings (full backlight, full volume), and I was hoping if anyone can help me find a good battery to buy...
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    where to buy pandora battery

    Does anyone know of any reputable UK sites to buy a pandora battery and magic memory stick from? and both have really good deals but I don't know if they can be trusted since I've read there are loads of places selling fakes on the net.
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    If I buy a refurbished PSP from Gamestop will it be a 1000? I'm just making sure I'll be able to mod it before I buy.
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    Looking to buy!

    I'm in the market to buy a hacked psp. Preferably with a large memory stick, and Nes, Snes, Sega, N64, and PS1 emulators already installed. Willing to negotiate price.
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    Best place to buy oem faceplate,battery,screwdriver,wifi board for psp-1001?

    I recently bought a OEM white faceplate, OEM 2200 MAH extended life battery, and SONY mark 2 stick from All of them were fake!!! Whats a respectable site I can go too?for -WHITE FACEPLATE -SCREWDRIVER -BATTERY -WIFI BOARD
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    What memory stick to buy??

    Hi, I am new here so sorry if i am in the wrong place. I bought a psp 1004 and chipped it with "Scorpus" tutorial. (Thanks allot by the way, it worked great) Now my problem is I only have a 512MB pro duo memory stick(too small for all the games I want to play). I found an 8GB memory stick on...
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    Were can i buy....

    PSP FACEPLATES?? not the simple black, blue, red, white, looking faceplates... like faceplates with designs on them? like the CAMY faceplates... NOT SKINS(for those of you who think that im talking about skins)...
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    What kind of PSP accessories I should buy?

    There are many different kind of PSP accessories,and I just bought a case for it,what kind accessories elso you guys think that I should buy?
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    cheap place to buy psp go usb cable+charger

    i just bought a psp go for $140 but it didn't include a charger or anything,and i checked it that both charger and cable cost $30 altogether wtf overpriced price of junk. where can i find a originial psp go usb+charger for only 5~10 dollars? must be offical
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    were to buy a phat psp screen from

    ive had a good look on ebay but most of the creens are coming from hong kong is there anywere in the uk to buy from i need 3 thanks for help in advance
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    Help! Did I buy fake PhotoFast CR-5400?

    So I recently bought 2 PhotoFast Cr-5400. And I just want to make sure if they are authentic. Here are the photos of the adapters: As you can see, both adapters have the same serial...
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