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    PSP 2003 Slim 7D data code version 6.20 downgrade?

    Hi all, how do i downgrade my psp its the slim 2003 (it says psp 2003 on the bottom bar code at the end of the psp), and behind the battery it says date code 7D, i accidently upgraded it to version 6.20 how do i downgrade it, it was chipped before but i cant remember where i got it chipped...
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    Psp 2003 - United Kingdom 7D (help a fellow gamer!)

    Right. I don't know where to begin. Now for 2 days i've been lurking here, till i finally got the guts to register and ask. I've tried everything, and for real - i failed so bad, i wanted to throw the psp to my dog, which chews on everything. So, i went trough several threads, and i have been...
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