Xbox multiplayer issues (Failed Invalid Login Player Character Handle)

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I have a server I play with three other people. The first few days we could all play together. Then after the first update two people could no longer join. Would get the infinite black loading screen. Then sometimes it would show a timeout error. After the most recent update it has changed a bit. But still no luck getting them in. Meanwhile the one other has had no problems. The most recent error is “Failed invalid login player character handle” So something has changed after the last update but still no fix. Have seen some solutions on pc as far as deleting character data. But do not have the option on Xbox (that I’m aware of)
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From Gemini:

I understand your frustration with not being able to play Palworld with your friends on your Xbox server. This "Failed invalid login player character handle" error is certainly a roadblock, but there are some potential solutions you can try:

Server-Side Fixes:

  • Update the server: Make sure your server is running the latest version of Palworld. Updates often include bug fixes and compatibility improvements.
  • Verify server files: Check the game's integrity on your Xbox. This can fix corrupted files that might be causing the issue.
  • Restart the server: Sometimes a simple restart can clear temporary glitches.
  • Check server logs: Look for any error messages in the server logs that might provide more clues about the problem.

Character-Side Fixes:

  • Have the affected players try creating new characters: This might be inconvenient, but it could rule out issues with their existing characters.
  • Reset character data (if possible): While you mentioned there's no direct option for deleting character data on Xbox, explore if there's any way to reset character progress or data within the game settings.
  • Ask affected players to check their network connections: Ensure their internet connection is stable and strong enough for online play.

Additional Tips:

  • Check the Palworld official forums and community pages: See if other players are encountering similar issues and if any solutions have been found.
  • Contact the Palworld developers: Report the bug through their official channels. They might be able to provide more specific support or offer a fix in future updates.

Remember, since the issue started after an update, there's a chance it could be a server-side bug. Reporting it to the developers will help them identify and fix the problem for everyone.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee any of these solutions will work, but hopefully, they can provide a starting point for troubleshooting. Good luck, and I hope you and your friends can get back to playing together soon!
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