X-Men: Battle Of The Atom

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Once your Stamina is depleted, you must wait for it to recharge in order to play. To reduce this, increase Stamina when leveling up. This will allow you to play longer, earn more experience points, and further improve your characters. Complete all missions possible to use up your Stamina before you stop your play session. The next time you play, you will start with full Stamina.


There are two attack types, a regular attack and summoning one of five characters in the battle. There is no penalty for summoning multiple times, and doing so will earn both the team and communication bonuses.

Various strategies​

Transfuse and evolve your cards whenever possible to get more powerful versions. Collect the free pack of cards available daily. Use the unneeded ones as fodder to evolve or transfuse other cards. Power up your rarest characters as much as you can. The more common cards will be replaced constantly over the course of the game as you quire more of them.
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