WWF Royal Rumble Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

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  • Knock-Out The Referee
To knock the referee out, either run into him or punch him twice. He'll get up in a few seconds, but while he's down you can perform illegal moves in the ring.
Re: WWF Royal Rumble

  • Playing Tip
An easy way to beat the Royal Rumble is to play with two players. Have one player stand next to one rope, and the other stand by the other rope. As soon a computer player enters the ring, get him in a grapple and throw him to the other human player. The human player can then easily hiptoss him out of the ring.
Re: WWF Royal Rumble

  • Special Moves
Here are some special moves for WWF Royal Rumble for Sega Genesis. You must have your opponent's life meter dangerously low.

Lock Up and Have Meter Completely Full using AB (Z if using 6 button)

Papa Shango Shoulderbreaker
Razor Ramon Razor's Edge
Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver

Stand Behind Dazed Opponent And Press AB (Z if using 6 button)

Shawn Michaels Side Suplex
Crush Cranium Crush

Stand next to the ropes, with the opponent between you and the ropes, and keep pressing A+B (Z) until the meter becomes full.

Lex Luger Running Forearm
IRS Write-Off

Stand At Downed Opponent's Feet And Press AB (Z if using 6 button)

Bret Hart Sharpshooter
Rick Martel Boston Crab

Opponent Stunned At Other Side of Ring, Press AB (Z if using 6 button)

Jim Duggan Running Clothesline

Stand At Downed Opponent's Head, Press AB (Z if using 6 button)

Hulk Hogan Legdrop

Climb Turnbuckles When Opponent Is Down and in Range And Press AB (Z)

Randy Savage Flying Elbowdrop
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