world heroes snes cheat codes for easier special moves


Hi hackers,
I'm wondering if someone can help me. There are street fighter II snes cheat codes (by nolberto82) that make Ryu and Ken's special moves much easier to execute; i.e. simply pressing forward + punch to execute a dragon punch, rather than the annoying Z shape on the joystick or dpad. I am trying to obtain cheat codes just like that for Hanzo and Fuuma (the characters that mimic them in the world heroes game) but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Hanzo and Fuuma require the exact same Z shape for their dragon-punch imitation of Ryu and Ken's. So I am certain that what I want is doable. The codes to accomplish that (game genie) for Ryu and Ken are:


or in hex offsets:

Any idea how we can acquire the cheat codes that mirror that in world heroes? I tried to base my attempts on the patterns of the street fighter codes (i.e. noting down hex values from the street fighter rom that are before and after the target value being modified and then attempting to search for these values in the world heroes rom and making the same modifications) but that didn't help. Any assistance or insight you could provide on the matter would be immensely appreciated.

While we're on the topic, the same cheat codes for world heroes 2 would be marvelous to obtain. And also due to the horrible port from neo geo to snes Dragon's dragon kick in world heroes 2 is so buggy and a pain the butt to accomplish (unlike in world heroes 1). It's supposed to be down + up + kick. I have to attempt it like 10 times before I can get it. It would be a awesome if a cheat code that makes this say "any direction" + kick for example and boom, it works. I generally prefer to use snes emulators so this would be a tremendous help.
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