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final kaoss

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When you are early and weak walk in the first room with 4 good or evil (not neutral) Knights a Thief and a Cleric. Just walk around and keep fighting and heal with the Cleric only and have him sleep in the stable. Have the others sleep in the stables when they will level up. Now here is the trick, if a character dies, is drained a level, or is affected by a bad affect you can't EASILY heal (paralyze), all you have to do to bring him back is Reset before the battle ends. At Level 8 go down a floor and repeat the earlier process. Go down a floor every 5 Levels. If you want a Lord or Ninja, venture down to the 4th floor around character Level 12 and fight till you find a Metamorph Ring and use it, they'll become a Lord or Ninja instantly and be on their current level. When you can you may want to get a Mage (not a Samurie unless you already know a lot of spells) or Cleric and go back to your other profession later to know spells (Wizards, Lords and Samuries learn spells slowly). Do this before you use a Metamorph Ring. If you can't get past a door, find the direction you're facing and warp through it so you don't need to find so many items. Last, go to low floors (4, 5, etc.) as soon as possible to gain good armor and weapons. Do this and you'll be invincible in no time.
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