Wario Ware, Inc.:Mega Micrograme$ Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

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  • Alternate Music in Jump Forever
Get over 100 points in Jump Forever to unlock three alternate songs the next time that mini-game is played.
  • Boss mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock an option to fight just Bosses.
  • Control Credits Music
During the credits press L to boost the bass and press R to boost the treble.
  • Dr. Wario mini-game
Get 15 mails against Blue Jimmy.
  • Easy Mode
Defeat Wario to unlock the "Easy mode" option.
  • Fly Swatter mini-game
Get 20 mails against Yellow Jimmy.
  • Hard Mode
Get at least 15 mails in Thrilling mode.
Re: Wario Ware, Inc.:Mega Micrograme$

  • Intermission bonus
During a break when it shows a character, press A and something will happen.
  • Music Test
Choose the "Name Entry" selection at the options screen. Select "Yes" to enter a name. Do not actually enter a name. Instead, press L to display the music test screen.
  • Paper Plane mini-game
Successfully defeat Red Jimmy.
Re: Wario Ware, Inc.:Mega Micrograme$

  • Pyoro
To unlock the game seen in the intro, Pyoro, simply play every game of every character.
  • Pyoro 2
To unlock Pyoro 2, the sequel to Pyoro, get medals on every game in Game Practice mode.
  • Scroll faster on grid
You can scroll through the writing faster on the grid by tapping or holding L or R.
  • Staff mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock an option to view the game's developers..
  • Thrilling Mode
Complete the game in easy mode with a high score to unlock the "Thrilling mode" option.
  • Wario's Sheriff mini-game
Get 25 mails against Red Jimmy.
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