Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue

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100,000 Opals​

Press Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, B, A, B, A during game play.

All Bunyip Licenses​

Press Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, X, B, X, A during game play.

All Level 1 Rangs (burrumudgee Rangs)​

Press Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, B, X, B, X during game play.

All Level 2 Rangs (Sly Rangs)​

Press Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, X, B, X, Y during game play.

Alternate ending sequence​

Successfully complete the game with a 100% rating.

Boomerang upgrades​

Zapyrang: Thunderang
Boomerang: Multirang
Flamerang: Lavarang
Frostyrang: Freezerang
Infarang: X-rang
Megarang: Omegarang
Smasherang: Kaboomerang
Lasharang: Warparang

Defeating The Armatron Metal Boss​

In the final battle with the Armatron Metal Boss, hit his hands when he slams them down. Then, punch Boss Cass in the small green helo.

Easy Opals​

After you do the initial mission, you will then be in Burramudgee Town. The town has multiple areas, each with many Opals. Walk into the Headquarters in the first section of the town, and it has many crates of Opals. Climb around and get them all. There will be metal crates that you cannot access until you buy a new "Smasharang". Leave Headquarters and go down into the valley below. There is a lake full of Opal bags, worth 10 and 25 each, and also one worth 200 Opals. After you get all of them, go into the next part of town. There are Opal bags and crates on every single building. The same is true for the third section of town, which has an entrance near a big fence. Search around the perimeter of all the buildings to get more Opals. There is a store owned ny Ty's parents in the middle town area. The first set of "Rangs" are sold there. Buy the Smasharang which will allow you to break open the metal Opal boxes all around. This will increase your take. Also, buy the Flamerang and Lasharang when you can afford them, which should enable you to get all of the Opals in this big town. Once you are done, you should have about 6,000 Opals. Save the game, exit to the menu, and reload it. All of the Opal bags and boxes will have respawned. Once you have the pattern down, it should take about fifteen minutes to get all of the Opals. Doing this will allow you to buy other "Rangs", Bunyip Keys, and Health upgrades early in the game.

When you start the game, dive in to the lake on the right. Go underwater and you will find an easy 200 Opals.

On the mission were you defeat Boss Cass, there is a bag with 3,000 Opals. It is at the very start. Take a couple jumps over the Uber Frills and Frills and punch through trees. You will reach a rock. Double jump to get on the narrow rock to get the Opals. You can exit the level and repeat this to get as many Opals as desired.

After defeating the Boss Cass in the last level, talk to the pilot who drives the ship. Skip the intermission sequences and get off the ship. Then, walk in a straight line and you will see a large pointy rock. Double jump to the top of the rock and get the 3,000 Opals. Exit the level and repeat the process. After doing this enough times, you will have enough Opals to buy anything in the game.

Repeatedly hit an enemy with the Lasharang to get more opals than just hitting them once.

When you start the game, go to the house to the right and search all of the boxes. You will find opals and the picture you are supposed to collect.

Gunna Gunna: Easy Opals​

Go to the Gunna Gunna training grounds. Go up the hills with the skull blocks coming out. You will see a bridge. Glide over to it, then cross the bridge. Keep going onto the platforms. At the top one is a bag of 400 hidden Opals.

Regain health​

Find some water to swim in. Go under water then come back for air. You will have full health.

Show All Objects (lines Form The Sky)​

Press Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, Up, Down, Left, Right during game play.

Training Grounds: Easy Opals​

Go to the training grounds in Burramudgee and jump into the lake. Get all the bags of Opals then save the game. Then, quit the game and load the same saved game. Do this repeatedly until you have as many Opals as desired.

Unlock Sly's Rangs​

During gameplay, press the following: [Start, Start, Y, Start, Start, Y, X, B, X, Y]

Volcano Rescue: Easy Completion​

Walk in the main area, go to your left, and enter the Bunyip. Walk around to the right until you cannot go further. Look around there for a button which sends a platform for you to cross a little area over the corner lava. You will end up on a ledge with a huge lava wall in front of you. Squirt it with water until it is extinguished. It takes five to ten seconds of water to put it out. Once it is out, jump over the space in the ground. Keep making your way around and defeat the enemies on the path. When you get around to the other side of the lava, you will be almost back at the start because the area is circular. Walking there will make two steps rise from the lava. For now on, you can skip walking around the edge of the area and can just swim through the lava to the step if you need to get there again. Walk back and jump on the floating platforms until you get up to another circular ledge. Follow the path around, put out the lava wall, and kill the Frills. Walk to the end and you will see a green light next to a generator-like device. Squirt the device with water and it will spin, which in turn opens the gate under the lava for you to swim through. If you choose to go through there now, once you are down there keep swimming out through another door by following the mini map. There will be large eels in there trying to hurt you. They take away such a small fraction of health that avoiding them is not necessary. Swim northwest to a door which leads to a long narrow lava path. From there it is easy. There are other areas to explore to collect things, but are not essential to completing the level. You must have the Warperang to do this. To do this, do not go through the first door under the lava after you unlock it by squirting the generator. Instead, just past the generator is a red button that releases a ladder on the same upper ledge you will be on. It will be on the other side, where you first got up by jumping on the floating platforms. Go there and climb it. There will be four buttons. The object of this is to get to three generators by blue lights which you can see from the platform. Three buttons control all the floating platforms below you. One press will move a platform, and a second press stops it. There is also a green button that will reset all of them. With the other buttons, you must press them to try to get the floating platforms to line up enough for you to jump across them and squirt one generator at a time. Once you get one done, you must go back and arrange the platforms to get to the next generator, then the third. This will open up a blue lit door in the lava near the door to the exit under the lava. Once in there, you must get around and find more generators to squirt, which will in turn open other doors, and so on. There are Opals and collectibles in these caverns. They are all small in size. The part with the floating platforms is difficult to explain and is slightly tricky. You just need to watch all the moving platforms closely. Try moving them all at once, then stop them one by one so you can see the movement better.

Volcano Rescue: Easy Opals​

Once you get into the area where the Thermal Bunyip is located, run towards the left. There will be a 500 Opal bag. Go back out the way that you came in. You can get the door leading to the exit to open for you. Simply walk out the door, turn around, and go back into the room with the 500 Opal bag and pick it up again. Repeat this process as many times as desired.
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