TrEE`Gaming PalWorld [EU Server]

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Welcome to Tree Gaming Servers !

Join our vibrant community and experience uninterrupted gameplay on our 24/7 dedicated server. With backups performed hourly, rest assured that your progress is always secure.

With 32 available slots, there's plenty of room for you and your friends to join in the fun. Say goodbye to lag as we prioritize a seamless gaming experience for all.

Server is also equipped with auto restarts to ensure a smooth gameplay!

❌ Server is lag free!
💀 No drop on death
🛠️ xpRate 2x
🕸️ CaptureRate 2x
💧DropRate 2x
💧Pal Stamina Decreace Rate x0.5
🐣Pal Egg Hatching Time Instant


See you in the game!

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