Tiny Troopers Joint Ops NPUB31483 01.00


Vgcheat Member

Enable Codes (Must Be On)
0 00D8E360 3CE00287
0 00D8E364 9067EFD8
0 00D8E368 7C7A1B78
0 00D8E36C 4E800020
0 023F48CC 4A999A95
Infinite Health (Requires Enable Codes)
0 00D8E374 3DC00287
0 00D8E378 81CEEFD8
0 00D8E37C 7C0EC800
0 00D8E380 40820008
0 00D8E384 C039001C
0 00D8E388 D0390018
0 00D8E38C 4E800020
0 022EF93C 4AA9EA39
Invincible (Requires Enable Codes)
0 00D8E39C 3E000287
0 00D8E3A0 8210EFD8
0 00D8E3A4 7C101800
0 00D8E3A8 4D9E0020
0 00D8E3AC F821FF51
0 00D8E3B0 49656890
0 023E4C48 4A9A9754
Infinite Grenades, Rockets
0 0233C474 386003E7
Max Gold On Gain
0 0231FB4C 3C803B9A
0 0231FB50 6084C9FF
0 0231FC00 3C803B9A
0 0231FC04 6084C9FF
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