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final kaoss

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Putting out the flames in the 2nd Itchy and Scratchy level

Sent in by Blake

If you can get to the cellar in the 2nd Itchy and Scratchy level, putting
out the flames can be difficult. Here's a strategy. When you are fighting
the vacuums prior to the furnace, DO NOT grab the mallet. If you do,
you will have to risk your ass to get the needed fire extinguisher.
When you get past this part, go to there furnace until it opens. Back
up to the work bench and put out the little flames. Go back to the
furnace and repeat. This process is somewhat slow, but it's the safest.
Re: The Simpsons Bart's Nightmare

Hit Ichy

Sent in by Randy Michaud

On the Ichy and Scrachy Levle in the kitchen when Ichy tosses the knife,
jump on the sink and go back down when the knife is gone and then you
could hit him. This will save you a lot of life so you can get the paper
from this level.

Get some life

Sent in by Peter Kogut

In the first Itchy and Scratchy stage if you hit the lightbulbs that the lamp
throws then you'll get some more life.


Sent in by Peter Kogut

In the first Itchy and Scratchy stage when you get to the kitchen stay down and
get the sodas that the fridge rolls out and use them on Itchy and Scratchy.
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