The next patch!

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1. Does anyone know when the next patch will be?

2. Does anyone have a reliable source with accurate information regarding palword updates and news?

3. Has anyone actually managed to play their own world, single or multiplayer on Xbox Series S without the autosave issue ever becoming an issue?

it's hard to find any real information online direct from developer pocket pair, almost like its a huge secret what they are doing right now.

they lost 63% of their players in 2 weeks and I have no doubt its due to these issues of continuous crashes, falling through the map, autosave fails and being unable to progress without losses and roll backs, since the last update which made the game totally unplayable for me on any of my 3 worlds I've been hunting daily for updates hoping they have a fix so I can finally play the game and enjoy it.

any info on the above questions is much appreciated as I cannot find anything and came across this forum instead.

thank you
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