The Morning After The Night Before.

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I was on the homebrew last night. And no, I'm not saying I spent my time on Feet Of Fury and Fast Striker, I'm referring to my exhaustive session of drinking home brewed English ale. Thick, brown, and independently tested at 5.2% alc content, and complete with an inch of sediment in each pint, this brew has left me feeling somewhat poorly this morning.

So what to do ? I've already downed two double Lavazza espressos, a pint of water and a round of toast plus a couple of paracetamols. Now in my younger days I would have set off to the pub and had a 'hair of the dog', but nowadays I'm thinking I'll stay in my dressing gown and slippers, pull up the sofa, and wrap myself in a warm blanket.

So what DC games should I play to get me through the afternoon, and the worst of my hangover ? Any suggestions are welcome.
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