The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: Heart Piece Guide by CPredator

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This guide was written by Cyber Predator, who resides at and can be e-mailed at
[email protected] -- put "SNES Zelda" in the subject line.

This document is copyrighted by Cyber Predator, as of its original release date
(detailed in the Version Information). Any entities used in this document that
are copyrighted by anyone else remains the property of the original owner;
Cyber Predator is simply giving information about these copyrighted entities
that the copyright owners aren't making very public.

You may....
....Store a copy of this document on your home computer, print out a copy
and/or show it to friends AS LONG AS you don't make ANY money from doing
so AND you don't leave ANY part of the document out or change anything.
....Use this document to research a guide of your own AS LONG AS you credit
this document AND specify the author and where a copy of the guide can be
found in a credits section.

This document uses compass directions to tell you where to move. Remember:
north is up, south is down, east is right and west is left.

Version Information
Author's Note

Pieces of Heart
Credits and Taglines

VERSION 1 - 0108 GMT, 7-Jan-2000
With the customary credits, author's note and copyright info comes a full
list of where the Pieces of Heart are in Hyrule and the Dark World, what you
need to reach them and how to get there.

VERSION 1.1 - 2358 GMT, 13-May-2001
Fixed up a slight typo that may have sent readers to the wrong cave. Sorry!!

The first version of my guide tipped the scales at 176 kilobytes; the first
triple-figure Zelda guide on GameFAQs (and it's still growing!!). But for the
convenience of readers who just want to find a few stray Pieces of Heart, I've
quickly pieced together this quick little game guide that should allow them to
find what they're looking for with a minimum of fuss.

You start the adventure with only three hearts in your Life Meter; worse than
useless for such a long adventure. An extra heart container can be found in
Sanctuary, and a further ten will be granted by defeating the keepers of the
various dungeons. This brings your total Life Meter to 14 hearts; six more can
be found by finding all 24 Pieces of Heart which are scattered throughout the
two worlds. Here are their locations:

In the north-western-most corner of Kakariko Village is a cave near a well.
Jump into the well from above, and look along the north wall for a weak spot.
Blow it apart with a Bomb and enter the cave for the Piece of Heart.

Next to Sahasrahla's house is a small grey hut which used to be used by the
thief Blind. Go into the house's basement, and destroy the weak north wall
a Bomb. Inside a chest is the Piece of Heart.

Near Kakariko Village's House of Books is a house where two brothers are
feuding; one has sealed the door to his brother's room. Blow open the room and
you will be able to access a maze, where if completed within 15 seconds the
supervisors will reward you with a Piece of Heart. The required route is:
north, second west, second east, diagonally south-west to just below the sign,
then south over the fence and west to the goal. Cyber Predator's record is

Enter the Desert Sanctuary; inside the room where Aginah is, Bomb the weak
wall. Enter the hidden room with the Piece of Heart.

Enter the Desert Palace, and after emerging from the south-west corner of it,
travel south along the plateau to reach the Piece of Heart.

West of Sanctuary, on a plateau, is a pile of five light-coloured rocks. Use a
Dash Attack to reveal a cave entrance.

Reach Spectacle Rock, where two platforms can be reached by jumping off the
ledge. The western cave allows access is the entrance to a passage leading to
Piece of Heart.

Enter the Dark World and travel to the place equal to Spectacle Rock. Use the
Magic Mirror here to appear on top of Spectacle Rock, atop which lies the

There is an entrance to the Lost Woods just north of Kakariko Village, near a
Fortune Teller's House. Enter through here and travel north, and you'll
eventually reach a clump of nine bushes. The middle one hides a cave entrance,
inside which is a Piece of Heart

Climb to the summit of the Pyramid of Power, and gradually leap down the
levels until you come to the eastern-most point of the bottom level. Along
is the Piece of Heart.

After purchasing Zora's Flippers, swim south and over the first waterfall.
travel west until you find a green slope; travel up here to find the Piece of

Near the Lumberjack's house in the far north of Hyrule, the two Lumberjacks are
working hard at felling a tree. After defeating Agahnim for the first time,
they disappear. The tree they were working on has light-coloured leaves; hit
with a Dash Attack to reveal a cave entrance.

At the Ice Lake (west of the Ice Lake Cavern) is a circle of stones, where an
island would be in Hyrule. Stand in the shallow water inside this circle and
use the Magic Mirror to warp back to Hyrule, where the Piece of Heart is within
easy reach.

After draining the water around the Swamp Ruins in Hyrule, there will be a
of Heart waiting at the bottom of the pond.

South of the Dark World's Haunted Grove is a circle of bushes. Stand within
these and return to Hyrule, where a cave can be reached. Enter the cave and
push the blocks out of the way to reach the Piece of Heart.

Near the Graveyard in Hyrule is a cave, which doesn't seem to have a way to
reach it. However, enter the Dark World and at the corresponding spot is a
ladder which leads to a dead-end. Climb the ladder and use the mirror to
on the platform cave, Bombing the weak north wall of the first room to reach
Piece of Heart.

In the foothills of the Dark World's Death Mountain, enter the cave which
corresponds to Hyrule's Death Mountain entrance. Traverse the chambers to the
blue bumper which blocks the path. Using the Magic Cape, you can pass the
bumper and explore on to find the Piece of Heart.

In the north-west corner of the Village of Outcasts, there is a game where you
can open two chests for 30 Rupees. A Piece of Heart is randomly placed in one
of the chests.

Remember the Piece of Heart gained by completing a maze within 15 seconds? At
the location equal to that maze in the Dark World there is a game called the
Treasure Field, which costs 80 Rupees to play. If you're persistent, you'll
unearth a Piece of Heart.

In the Dark World at the location equal to the Blacksmith's shop, there is a
large number of purple stakes. Hit them all with the hammer, and the tree
will turn into a cave entrance. Inside lies the Piece of Heart.

In the north-east corner of the Swamp of Evil, there is a cul-de-sac. Stand
near here and warp to Hyrule, where you'll arrive on a plateau near a large
light-coloured boulder. Lift it up to reveal a cave entrance, which conceals
the prize.

West of the entrance to Misery Mire is a cave. Inside a chest here lies a
of Heart, but you need to manipulate the blocks in order to reach it.

At the Dark World's Death Mountain, travel west of Turtle Rock. There is a
large boulder which conceals a cave entrance. Enter the cave and walk north to
reach an invisible bridge which can be crossed using the Staff of Somaria or
Ether Medallion to guide you. Bomb the weak west wall and go south through the
exit, then use the Magic Mirror to find the waiting Piece of Heart.

In Turtle Rock is an exit in the same room as the chest containing the Mirror
Shield. Exit here and you'll find yourself on a narrow ledge. Return to
and you'll find yourself on a platform near a cave, which cannot be accessed
other way. Destroy the green Mimics with your Sword and Arrows to enter the
next room containing the Piece of Heart.

Nintendo Magazine System provided basic guidelines on where to find all of
Pieces of Heart. I added a bit more detail to those descriptions in writing
this guide.

Cyber Predator

"Anyone who seeks fame need only become familiar with all that I have
- Claudius Galen
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