The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion


I have BLUS30087 Version 01.00 App Ver 01.00, and mine is the Game Of The Year Edition.

Upgrade For Max Stats
0 0001E864 3B8000??
SET OGP=600000002FBD00007C6007B4
SET COP=3B8000??2FBD00007C6007B4
This is what is used when you level up and upgrade stats. You can set a certain amount or increment or whatever with this. I didn't test but should work fine.
If you want the above to be an increment just change it to 3B9C00?? and then think of it as:
(whatever amount you are normally increasing it by this level up) + ?? = the new amount your skill will be at
So if your skill is at 19, you get to upgrade it and get lucky and can upgrade by 3, and then you put the amount 0017 (that's hex so 23), 19 + 3 + 23 = 45
The below line is what does the write.
0 0001E87C 9B9D0004

Max Stats
0 0001E90C 386000FF
SET OGP=60000000E80100A07C6307B47C0803A67FBD1A14887D0004
SET COP=60000000E80100A07C6307B47C0803A67FBD1A14386000FF
This doesn't affect your actual stats, does not save. Affects everyone and everything, so people and enemies will be running around super fast, and this also seems to affect everyone's disposition toward you and each other so nobody acts hostile toward anyone ever, you can basically walk right through the game this way without fighting.

Saveable Max Stats
0 0001E8F8 7C6307B4
0 0001E900 7FBD1A14
0 0001E908 386000FF
0 0001E90C 987D0004
SET OGP=60000000E80100A07C6307B47C0803A67FBD1A14887D0004
SET COP=7C6307B4E80100A07FBD1A147C0803A6386000FF987D0004
Best to use this somewhere where there is only you, like your home or something so it does not affect other characters. Turn it on, save, turn it off, and permanent for you only. Enemies will still attack.

Max Skill Level On Increase
0 000BC900 3BE00064
SET OGP=6000000038800200
SET COP=3BE0006438800200

Fast Leveling
0 00370C8C FFE00890
0 00370C9C 48000078
SET OGP=FF9F08007FE3FB7838A000006B860001419D0078
SET COP=FFE008907FE3FB7838A000006B86000148000078
If you do anything that would increase a skill, it will instantly increase its level by 1.

Max Gold Or Items On Gain
0 001A56DC 3C803B9A
0 001A56E4 6084C9FF
SET OGP=7C9A1A147F83E3787C8407B4
SET COP=3C803B9A7F83E3786084C9FF
It'll give you 999,999,999. Adjust as needed.

Max Gold Or Items On Loss
0 00267DB0 3D203B9A
0 00267DB8 6129C9FF
SET OGP=813B00047EFFBB787D374850
It'll give you 999,999,999. Adjust as needed.

Gold Or Items Never Decrease
0 00267DC0 60000000
SET OGP=3AE00000913B0004
SET COP=3AE0000060000000

Unlimited Training
0 00370BEC 39200000
SET OGP=817D06687C0803A639290001
SET COP=817D06687C0803A639200000

Never Encumbered
0 0034B28C 4BFFFFB0

0 0036FBD8 4E800020
SET OGP=4BFFFF408122ECD0806900004BFFFFB8F821FF71
SET COP=4BFFFF408122ECD0806900004BFFFFB84E800020
Seems mostly fine even though sometimes an enemy's first strike might make you stumble, but that's it, all other attacks from them won't make you flinch with a bow and arrow drawn all day.

Health Never Decreases
0 00325B74 EC210828
SET OGP=7CE53B78C02304444BFFFA85
SET COP=7CE53B78C0230444EC210828
You can drop down from insane heights safely too.

Magic Never Decreases
0 00325B44 EC210828
SET OGP=7CE53B78C02304484BFFFAB5
SET COP=7CE53B78C0230448EC210828

Stamina Never Decreases
0 00325B5C EC210828
SET COP=7CE53B78C023044CEC210828

Oxygen Never Decreases
0 00543FF8 60000000
SET OGP=4E800020D0230238
SET COP=4E80002060000000

Infinite Weapon Charge
0 0019C90C D009000C
SET OGP=4BEAF6FD2C2300007C691B783860001041820024E80100A0D3E9000C
SET COP=4BEAF6FD2C2300007C691B783860001041820024E80100A0[COLOR=red]D009000C[/COLOR]

Weapon And Armor Health Never Decrease
0 0019BF98 D009000C
SET OGP=4BEB00712C2300007C691B783860001041820024E80100A0D3E9000C
SET COP=4BEB00712C2300007C691B783860001041820024E80100A0[COLOR=red]D009000C[/COLOR]
This also protects against enemy attacks that would normally damage your weapon or armor, and also affects everyone else too.

Temporary Effects Last Forever
0 004253EC 39600000
0 004253F0 917F0004
SET OGP=EC1F082AD01F0004
SET COP=39600000917F0004
If you cast something like Detect Life, it will remain on forever while this code is active, but this also applies to other affects like you paralyzing an enemy or an enemy paralyzing you too.

Arrows Never Decrease
0 0019AB88 60000000
SET OGP=419A004CB3E4000C
SET COP=419A004C60000000

Lockpicks Never Decrease
0 005F8EE8 60000000
SET OGP=79200560913F003C
SET COP=7920056060000000
Seems to only be a display or something, but the code for items to never decrease seems to work fine for this.

Hold Jump To Fly
0 01455720 3C807700
0 01455724 A0840784
0 01455728 48000020
0 01455748 70840010
0 0145574C 2B840010
0 01455750 409E0080
0 01455754 48000020
0 01455774 3C80004E
0 01455778 6084A700
0 0145577C 80010964
0 01455780 48000020
0 014557A0 7F840040
0 014557A4 409E002C
0 014557A8 3C8042A0
0 014557AC 48000020
0 014557CC 90990008
0 014557D0 7F24CB78
0 014557D4 48D19FE2
0 00D19FDC 49455722
SET OGP=0000000000000000000000002C000001000900100000000000000000014554A40145556401481368000000000000000000000000000000002C0000010009000E0000000000000000014554B0014555A401481258000000000000000000000000000000002C000001000900100000000000000000014554C0014555DC01481328000000000000000000000000000000002C000001000900030000000000000000014554D40145561C014812AC000000000000000000000000
SET COP=[COLOR="red"]3C807700A084078448000020[/COLOR]2C000001000900100000000000000000014554A40145556401481368[COLOR="red"]708400102B840010409E008048000020[/COLOR]2C0000010009000E0000000000000000014554B0014555A401481258[COLOR="red"]3C80004E6084A7008001096448000020[/COLOR]2C000001000900100000000000000000014554C0014555DC01481328[COLOR="red"]7F840040409E002C3C8042A048000020[/COLOR]2C000001000900030000000000000000014554D40145561C014812AC[COLOR="red"]909900087F24CB7848D19FE2[/COLOR]
SET OGP=806E00082FA30000419E00107F24CB78
SET COP=806E00082FA30000419E0010[COLOR="red"]49455722[/COLOR]

And the failed attempts below:
Enchantment Soul Charge Amount
005A1104 D01B0008
0059B594 D3DB0004
0059C234 D3FF0004
005A1104 D01B0008
0059B594 D3DB0004
0059C234 D3FF0004
005A4D94 800100B4
0005B1F0 800B0004
005A4DE8 419E002C

Lost patience, don't care, you have unlimited charge.
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