Sword of the Necromancer

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Various Achievements​

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Army of Dead (30 points)Have 3 monsters summoned at the same time.
Army of One (30 points)Clear a dungeon floor without summoning a monster.
Can't touch this (30 points)Clear a dungeon floor without taking damage.
Dwarf in the Flask (15 points)Use the Flask of Homunculus.
Gilgamesh (30 points)Have 4 different types of weapons equipped at once.
Hoarder (15 points)Fill the Inventory Chest.
I reject this cursed power (80 points)Get rid of the Sword of the Necromancer.
It is all written (15 points)Use Nodamoe's Scriptures.
Let's end this... Together! (90 points)Defeat the Necromancer.
Max Power (30 points)Get the character to level 20.
Monster Slayer (30 points)Kill 100 enemies.
No matter the cost (90 points)Resurrect Koko.
Overkill (15 points)Kill an enemy with a single blow.
Relic Hunter (30 points)Have 3 different relics equipped at once.
Take this! (15 points)Perform a Critical Attack.
The powers of Necromancy are mine (80 points)Get the Sword of the Necromancer.
This is our story (80 points)See all the memories.
This won't hurt me (15 points)Deflect a magic attack.
To catch them is my real test (80 points)Revive 20 different types of monster.
To train them is my cause (80 points)Get 5 different types of monsters to max rank.
Tonight we dine in hell! (30 points)Kill 300 enemies.
Useless! Useless! (15 points)Evade an enemy attack with a dodge.
Weapon Collector (30 points)Get every type of weapon.
Weapon Master (30 points)Kill enemies with every type of weapon.
With all your might (15 points)Perform a Charged Attack.
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