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“Lost Levels” bonus levels
Score at least 300,000 points during game. Then select Luigi at the title screen.
“You VS Boo” bonus levels
Score at least 100,000 points during a game. Then select Boo at the title screen.
Album Pictures
Here's a list of everything you need to get to complete the album:

Page 1:

Top-left: Fill up the score meter in Challenge mode.
Top-right: Get every medal in Challenge mode.
Middle: Beat the Original 1985 mode.
Bottom-left: Beat the star levels (1*1, 8*4, etc.) in the Original 1985 mode.
Bottom-right: Beat the "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players" mode

Page 2:
Top-left: Get fireworks at the end of a level.
Top-middle: Get a 1-Up Mushroom.
Top-right: Find and climb a vine.
Middle-left: Beat the Original 1985 mode.
Middle: Rescue the princess.
Middle-right: Trade high scores with someone.
Bottom-left: Get every Red Coin medal in Challenge mode.
Bottom-middle: Get every high score medal in Challenge mode.
Bottom-right: Get every Yoshi Egg medal in Challenge mode.

Page 3:
Top-left: Kill a Goomba.
Top-middle: Fireball a Blooper.
Top-right: Kill a Lakitu.
Middle-left: Kill a Cheep Cheep.
Middle: Kill a Hammer Brother.
Middle-right: Stomp a Bullet Bill.
Bottom-left: Kill a Koopa Troopa.
Bottom-middle: Fireball a Spiny.
Bottom-right: Kill a Buzzy Beetle.

Page 4:
Top-left: Kill Bowser in World 1-4 with fireballs.
Top-right: Kill Bowser in World 2-4 with fireballs.
Bottom-left: Kill Bowser in World 3-4 with fireballs.
Bottom-right: Kill Bowser in World 4-4 with fireballs.

Page 5:
Top-left: Kill Bowser in World 5-4 with fireballs.
Top-right: Kill Bowser in World 6-4 with fireballs.
Bottom-left: Kill Bowser in World 7-4 with fireballs.
Bottom-right: Kill Bowser in World 8-4 with fireballs.
Begin with 10 lives
Before starting a new game, go to the fortuneteller (in the toy box) and keep selecting cards until you draw the “Extremely Lucky” card. Then begin game.
Change view
Press Select during game to switch from center to edge view. Hold Up or Down to move camera up or down.
Compose Your Own Music
You can compose music using the Toadstools in the secret room (see the Round Table code)! Have you noticed the gibberish in front of the "Thank You!" words in the letter from Peach that comes up when you start the game (only if you have beaten world 8 in Original mode.) That mass of letters and symbols is the music that plays! You can compose your own music, too! All it takes is a minuscule understanding of music. Go to the Toad that is just to the right of Peach, or go to peach. Go to the ENTER text mode. Switch from the text to the symbols( by clicking the green ABC), then put down a note (quarter, eighth, or sixteenth). Then enter capital letters, A-G to make notes. After you enter a letter, add an UP or DOWN symbol (to change octaves) or a # (sharp.) Periods (.) make rests.

Here's an example, the Star Wars Theme: (hi-D = D with an UP arrow, lo-D = D with a DOWN arrow, . is a rest.)

[EIGHTH] DDD [QUARTER] G . hi-D . [EIGHTH] hi-C B A [QUARTER] hi-G . hi-D . [EIGHTH] hi-C B A [QUARTER] hi-G . hi-D . [EIGHTH] hi-C B hi-C [QUARTER] A . lo-G .

Now select END and press START to hear your music!
Fly Over the Level
Pause the game. Then press A,A,A,B,B,B. You will then fly over the level.
Hidden Blocks
In some parts of the game, you will discover hidden blocks. Just jump anywhere in the air and sometimes you will discover a hidden block. You need this trick for yoshi eggs and sometimes coins. Sometimes discover starman, super mushrooms, and fireflower.
Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2
Score at least 300,000 points in the Classic game without continuing, saving or restarting game. A new “Super Mario Bros. for Super Players” mode will be unlocked.
Play as Luigi
Press Select at the map screen.
Quick and Easy Unlimited Lives

Original Mario Bros
In world 3-1, go to the end of the stage where the stair case to the flagpole is. Let the first turtle walk down all the way, but stay on the staircase. Next, stand as close to the block as possible, and when the next turtle walks on the block your facing, jump lightly and you should instantly continuously bounce on the turtle giving you mega points and eventually give you unlimited lives. You can get up to 127 lives this way.

Lost Levels
On level 1-1, hit the second block to the left to get the first mushroom of the game to come out, being careful not to hit the turtle walking there. Next, get the mushroom, power up and go back underneath the turtle and the blocks. Time this jump and break the block so the turtle is trapped on the right, walking back and forth, left and right from the edge of the block it's walking on and the block it can't walk through. Then, break the block left of the used powerup block, jump up, break the blocks above you all except for the one above the turtle walking back and forth. Jump against that, so that you land on the turtle and you'll bouncing continuously giving you again, mega points and eventually 1-ups until you get 127 lives.
Race the Black Boo
To race the black boo in the "You Vs. Boo" mode, race the normal boo, get to the end of the race before the boo and hit the flag dead on. This will not work if you hit the pole either above or below the flag. The option of racing the black boo will only be activated in that level and can be deactivated the same way you activated it, by hitting the flag dead on before the boo reaches it.
Reveal Yoshi egg locations in Challenge mode
Locate a Yoshi egg, then select Yoshi’s head in the toy box.
Secret Melody
After the Gameboy logo has appeared, hold either the A or B buttons. The music that plays when you save the Princess will play on the intro screen.
Select level
Successfully complete the first quest.
Select Mario’s form
Press Select at “You VS Boo” bonus level on the mode selection screen to cycle Mario through his fire, normal and super forms. (Note: Cheat may also be activated in multi-player mode.)
The Round Table
Beat the first four levels (the first world) and then go to the toy box. There will be a little hole in the wall in the lower left corner. Enter it, and you will see a round table. Each time you beat a world 1-7, a new Toadstool guy will appear, and the princess appears after you beat world 8. The Toads let you print things! If you go to Peach, you can change the message that appears when you start up the game (now that you have beaten world 8.)
Toad Medal
To receive the Toad Medal, the most challenging award, you must complete the game, attaining the high score for all of its levels.
Unlimited continues
Hold A at the game over screen.
Unlimited lives
When a life is lost, hold A until the map screen appears.
Unlimited points
Kick the first turtle shell to the right in stage 3-2. Immediately run after the shell. It will run into enemies and earn an increasing number points as it goes. After it nets a 1-Up, let the shell hit your character and repeat for the desired points.
View fireworks
Successfully complete a level with a time that ends in a 1, 3, or 6.
Warp to Levels 2, 3, or 4
On stage 1-3 on the second system of lifts (after the red turtle), ride the lifts to the top of the stage and jump onto the top row of bricks. Run along these until you come to a pipe room and go down whichever pipe you want.
Warp to Levels 6, 7 or 8
On the level 4-2 go stand on the right side of the first falling platforms. Stand underneath the three blocks. Jump up and there will be hidden blocks. Climb on those blocks and hit the left block of the three. A beanstalk will appear. Climb it. You will now be in mushroom land with tons of coins! When you finish this small level, which has no enemies, you will come to a warp zone, where you'll have the chance to warp to the levels 6, 7, or 8.
Warp Zone
On any levels that have one block roofs break through them or go on lifts to get on top of them. Play the whole level on top of the roofs to the VERY end of the roofs. At the end there will be one or more tubes which will warp you to the level shown.
Warp zone
In dungeon levels like world 1-2, there will be a warp zone. I will tell you how to go to this so called warp zone by explaining it in world 1-2. So anyway, at the almost end of the level at the part with the platforms, jump up to the ceiling at the end and keep running. It will say 'WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!'. you can pick which world you would like to go in.
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