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final kaoss

Staff member
TopArrowsHelder71F0F6F5 14FC6E15
TopArrowsHelderE74F2663 34BDCF19
FBE5AAD2 67B17390
TopAxeHelderA5A67C9A 1B479575
TopAxeHelderA1018750 7C1B573C
DC180599 89CFC158
TopBoomerang SpearHelder56179BB3 DF795FE8
TopBoomerang SpearHelderE85BADD3 E344CBF9
274E48A8 9ED773D6
TopBoomerang StarHelder181E3BF0 01ED4A1D
TopBoomerang StarHelder4598703A 4CE7A028
3CA8836C 96803387
D9BDE85C 769A0187
TopFireballHelder97AF5A7B 521CF622
TopFireballHelderE76B713D 7A9F1E37
7824DE65 B7A4C198
3445D9BF 54A25CD9
40E80278 4D694955
TopFlame LanceHelder2A2A2268 60B17246
TopFlame LanceHelder88D07320 27EDB811
417C7281 4B09825A
TopHoming ArrowsHelderCF631E6B D7D6454C
TopHoming ArrowsHelderD2F95682 411E4E23
6E012BC0 33F48EAC
TopKnivesHelder96577316 F1842B5D
TopKnivesHelder75603953 0A9C63DE
TopLanceHelder0AD4AAFE 25A5E423
TopLanceHelder3BC5C904 ED189891
TopScytheHelder3A49CF14 DB90EFBB
TopScytheHelderAC84935E 118453C2
FCC45CB5 0229DA18
TopSuper AxeHelder7ABC3B79 7151E595
TopSuper AxeHelderA18410C8 1932BD9B
TopSuper KnivesHelder016107F0 9D7FB36D
TopSuper KnivesHelderB16D0D92 29DD3042
F990CF68 2B859A82
TopSuper ScytheHelder332EEC2C 7E7C214C
TopSuper ScytheHelder23C2F5AC 6D470808
CD48DB43 372CCA75
TopSuper TorchHelder15CC0676 39A18CB1
TopSuper TorchHelderB55C3713 62F29D1D
3D170645 AD09889C
TopTorchHelder4AC3CDC8 BC9C00A7
TopTorchHelderD7AC7FF8 740077A8
TopAlways Have ArmorMadCatz2BC2B022D95E
TopAlways Have AxeMadCatzA79BB8238B57
TopAlways Have Blue FireballMadCatz8703782ADAD7
TopAlways Have Blue LanceMadCatz8701686AD893
TopAlways Have BoomerangMadCatz9703582C7AD7
TopAlways Have CrossbowMadCatz9719486D2993
TopAlways Have DaggerMadCatzA799A8638913
TopAlways Have FireballMadCatzB79B98252B57
TopAlways Have Mega WeaponMadCatz971B582D2BD7
TopAlways Have ScytheMadCatzB79988652913
TopAlways Have Super AxeMadCatzA783B822DA57
TopAlways Have Super CrossbowMadCatz9701486C7893
TopAlways Have Super ScytheMadCatzB78188647813
TopAlways Have TorchMadCatz871B782B8BD7
TopAlways Have Ultimate WeaponMadCatzA781A862D813
TopArmor Modifieriamstillhiro1112320214BA 000?0 - No Armor 1 - Silver Armor 3 - Green Armor 4 - Gold Armor (No Weapon Powerup)
TopEnable Code (Must Be On)Shimer90BE865A 003A
DACFD8A4 3560
BD1BD837 3966
TopInfinite ArmorHelder04163EA3 909A396A
3FEE2CF6 CC894558
TopInfinite ArmorShimer5CC81A13 BFB4
B3B35996 72E6
TopInfinite ArmorHelderF940DC44 194C8DC7
D9622E8E 5EFB39A6
422D2720 F0E5D120
97ACF126 B350D41E
4B16C149 2C1D200E
TopInfinite CreditsMadCatz8D5DA36A9A18
TopInfinite Double JumpHelderF911C771 E6E2E1CD
TopInfinite Double JumpShimerC446F37D DC0D
D0C0F1A8 FC70
TopInfinite Double JumpHelderE4535BE6 DDDBAFAC
BCB7073D 1CFEE939
49B1CC42 035C7B50
EB77AA11 509D6A26
TopInfinite HealthHelder06DF1B77 EC9D9A8D
TopInfinite HealthShimer27110731 78BF
TopInfinite LivesHelder87E2CB1A E43D22D9
TopInfinite LivesMadCatz9D5D816CBA5E
TopInfinite LivesShimer5E5C3139 B4FD
TopInfinite LivesHelderFD97BA20 C36DB986
D8401826 760DAD71
TopInfinite TimeMadCatz69FC67EFAAFC
TopInvinicibilityiamstillhiro111232001388 0002
TopInviniciblityHelder20CAFD49 15B6590A
TopMax ScoreMadCatz27FB740B92DB
TopMega JumpMadCatz2938AD6FA812
TopPress Select+L To Skip LevelShimerB5734D15 62A6
092E0C67 80AC
TopRapid FireMadCatzD5258FC8D0B1
TopStart With Hi-ScoreShimerB98FE4FC 1946
AD09E629 393B
TopStop TimerHelder8337E848 035613E7
TopStop TimerShimer1D099371 1014
TopStop TimerHelderC283675F 1E2C934A
E0C19B74 483D51A9
TopWeapon Modifieriamstillhiro1112320214D3 000?0 - Spear 1 - Power Spear 2 - Dagger 3 - Power Dagger 4 - Crossbow 5 - Power Crossbow 6 - Scythe 7 - Power Scythe 8 - Torch 9 - Power Torch A - Axe B - Power Axe C - Homing Dagger D - Power Homing Dagger E - Princess Bracelet
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz930E6174230C

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