Star Wars Monopoly

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Rip the Computer Off For Good Property​

You can rip the computer off by trading 1 more credit then he payed for the property. For an example if he payed 300 credits for the imperial palace then you could trade him 301 dollars for the imperial palace and he would accept the trade.


The Game's AI is quite predictable. " will exchanege anything ( and that includes everything) for a monopoly..." You can choose to play the hardest level for all computer controlled players. They all have the same folly. I found that computer controlled will accecpt trade to complete a monopoly of colors. Keep trading and don't be afraid if you have to mortgage your properties (this is part of the strategy). I always mortgage the property i wish to trade. This set back the recipient a few bucks. Allow computer controlled to have a monopoly by trading for all the cards he have (that is not included in his monopoly suit) and all his gold (just leave him like $10). Computer controlled player even in the difficult level will fall for that. Lure the sucker into your properties. If he/she can't pay the rent, he/she will be out of the game and all his/her card will be yours. I have tried this strategy for like 15 times and i won 15 times. It ain't a cheat but it sure is a sure fire strategy.

Win Every Auction​

Play at the hard level with 2 computer players and one human player. You should be the human player. If you add credits to the amounts you offer in 1 small amount of credits When the computer says he will pay a small amount of credits let him have the property. Then use the rip the computer off code. That way you can have the imperial palace for 11 credits
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