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Fast speed
Begin a race. There is a light at the top of your power box. Press Up when it is flashing, it should turn red and your Pod should go faster. To slow down, just press Down. Note: If you remain at fast speed for too long, your Pod will explode.
Faster Pod
Defeat all four racers on a planet to increase your Pod's top speed. The highest speed possible is 735 mph, which is obtained after clearing all five planets.
Hint: Race against Sebula
Defeat all four racers on a planet to race against Sebula on any course.
Quick start
Press A just as the "1" disappears in the pre-race countdown.
Racing Match-UP hint
Use these racers to match up for best racing results.

Ark "Bumpy" RoosTeemio Pagalies
Your RacerRival
Anakin SkywalkerToy Dampner
MawhonicMars Guo
MawhonicOdy Mandrell
Ody MandrellDud Bolt
Mars GouBozzie Baranta
Toy DampnerSlide Paramita
Regain energy
Use the brake while in a race to regain energy at the expense of slowing your speed.
Sebula's Pod
Defeat Sebula in a race to get his Pod.
Tatooine Shortcut
Select a racer and make it to the 3rd stage on Tatooine vs. Mawhonic. About 1/3 through the course there is a shortcut on the left side of a straight away. If you are in 1st or closely following in 2nd you will make it to first place. Even if you don't it takes a lot of time off.
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