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final kaoss

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  • Jukebox
Complete the game on either original or anniversairy mode to unlock one half of the juke box. Complete it again to unlock the other half. The level songs may be in reverse order but it doesnt do any harm to the game.
  • Speedy life
On the very first level in the spring yard zone acts at the very start there are bees and crab robots destroy all of them and continue to the end near a sping and ramp,get the timing right as as you jump LEFT while going up the ramp you may just see a platform if you manage to land on it keep going left and you will see a life and speedy shoes. I have done this several times to prove that it works.

  • Type differences
The differences between original and anniversairy modes are that the anniversairy mode just includes the spindash and thats basically it.
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