[Request] Legend of Mana (PS1)


I need 1 code (either for Code Breaker or GameShark) for Legend of Mana that either makes the game more difficult or, in particular, makes the last boss ("Goddess of Mana") much more difficult. PLEASE, could someone extrapolate from "No Future Mode" to at least DOUBLE the stats or levels from that?

I've looked several times, but no such code exists.

Back when this game was released - aside from complaining about the non-linear gameplay - there was one major complaint by a lot of players: The final boss was a total pushover. This is supposed to be an epic battle as it's the very end of the game... But the boss is so lame as to pretty much be a joke. Seriously, a lot of players finished her off with a few hits - as few as 1!

There's actually 3 difficulty modes for this game:

(1) Normal (first playthrough)
(2) So-called "Nightmare Mode" (after beating the game, use The Forbidden Tome and, when asked if you want a nightmare, say "yes"), which raises the level of all monsters by about 20.
(3) So-called "No Future Mode" (after beating the game, use The Forbidden Tome, but answer a series of questions differently), where most enemies are made lvl. 99 and given "high everything."

But even with the "No Future Mode", the Goddess of Mana is still a complete pushover if the player took advantage of Blacksmithing or Golem Creation as those makes the player more powerful.
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