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Various Trophies​

Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock
10 multi quests (Bronze)Play through 10 quests.(Online co-op Only)
10 single quests (Bronze)Play through 10 quests.(solo only)
100 multi quests (Silver)Play through 100 quests.(Online co-op Only)
100 single quests (Silver)Play through 100 quests.(solo only)
20 multi quests (Bronze)Play through 20 quests.(Online co-op Only)
20 single quests (Bronze)Play through 20 quests.(solo only)
50 multi quests (Bronze)Play through 50 quests.(Online co-op Only)
50 single quests (Bronze)Play through 50 quests.(solo only)
Berserk (Silver)Defeat 2000 enemys.
Card collect one. (Bronze)Collected your first monster card.
Card complete (Gold)Collect all cards in the game.
Chapter 1 (Bronze)Complete Chapter 1.
Chapter 2 (Bronze)Complete Chapter 2.
Chapter 3 (Bronze)Complete Chapter 3.
Chapter 4 (Bronze)Complete Chapter 4.
Chapter 5 (Silver)Complete Chapter 5.
Chapter 6 (Silver)Complete Chapter 6.
Chapter 7 (Silver)Complete Chapter 7.
Chapter 8 (Silver)Complete Chapter 8.
Cheers! (Silver)100 pieces Potions use.
Dainsleif (Bronze)Play Dainsleif mode.
Drunken (Bronze)50 pieces potions use.
Einheriaru (Bronze)Defeat 1000 enemys.
Fine hair (Bronze)10000 zeny used in a hairsalon.
Fine skin (Bronze)50000 zeny used in a hairsalon.
Gimure (Bronze)Die more than 30 times.
Gyrfalcon (Bronze)Blow a group of 7 enemies with a Strong attack.
Helheim (Bronze)Die more than 100 times.
Kafra (Bronze)100000 zeny used in a kafra.
Kafra Chief (Bronze)500000 zeny used in a kafra.
Knights Kingdom (Bronze)Die more than 1 times.
Master of Arms (Bronze)Defeat 500 enemys.
Mjollnir (Bronze)100000 zeny used in a weapon shop.
Nibelungen (Bronze)500000 zeny used in a haberdashery store.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)All trophies acquired.
Play Online Match (Bronze)Played multiplayer with 2 or more people for the first time.
Praetorian (Bronze)Die more than 10 times.
Spectrolite (Bronze)Use jobchange system.
Swallow Tail (Bronze)Defeated 100 or more foes with a knockback.
Thor's hammare (Bronze)500000 zeny used in a weapon shop.
Twilight (Bronze)Successfully perform a counter attack 100 times.
Valhalla (Bronze)Die more than 50 times.
Valkylia (Bronze)100000 zeny used in a haberdashery store.
Veteran Fighter (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemys.
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