R.B.I. Baseball '93 Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

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  • 1982 All Stars
To take the 1982 American All Star Team to the World Series, enter the password "DNFW9OKCKKJG".
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  • Passwords
Take the plate with any of the 1992 teams against the Tengen team with these codes. Just fill in the blank in "D_WWD2CHCCSY" with one of the codes below. For example, to play as Cleveland, enter "DSWWD2CHCCSY".

Code Team Code Team

A Los Angeles R New York (NL)
B Florida S Cleveland
C Missouri T Seattle
D Baltimore U San Francisco
E Colorado W California
F Chicago (NL) X Texas
G New York (AL) Y Kansas City
H Boston Z Oklahoma
I Michigan 9 Atlanta
J Cincinnati 8 Pittsburgh
K Chicago (AL) 7 Houston
L All-Stars 6 Toronto
O Milwaukee 4 Detroit
P St. Louis 3 Philadelphia
Q San Diego
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  • Sound Test
On the main menu screen, choose the options mode and press Start. Choose to continue and press Start again. You will now be in Sound Test mode and you will be able to choose your sound by pressing Up and Down. Press the A button to hear the current sound and press B or C to stop. Press Start to exit the sound test.
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