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Hey all. I have on-again, off-again admired the DC "from a distance". I once foolishly sold off my Jpn-mod'd Saturn (with PD Saga, Radiant Silvergun, Elevator Action, DOA, and several other goodies) for next-to-nothing, meant to move to a DC, got distracted, didn't, and and well, I digress.


On a "do it now" impulse I now have a used DC coming to me via eBay, along with 2 controllers and TremorPak units. Doing some web searching I found this forum and a couple of others, but I feel like I really need to know the depths of the system, what's good and what's bad. A big FAQ pointer from anyone here would be cool. :) I also have a interest in learning about "little kid games" or "edutainment" stuff also to keep my 5-year-old in the mix.

My (dim) understanding is that the DC is used to emulate other platforms, can anyone point me to a way to play Intellivision and SNES games on the DC?

I intend to really dig through the posts here, but I admit I could use help with any/all newbie pointers anyone can give.

If I really have to plunk some real money down on the DC, I'll sell my Pippin to free up the cash. I want to have some fun with this thing!

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