Please point me in the right direction


Hi guys, i know most of you are getting sick of these repetitive questions and i fully understand but trust me with the limited knowledge that i have, i've searched through the forum but i'm stuck.

Any way on to the noobish question. I updated my cfw to 5.50 prometheus 3 quite a while back now i'm not sure if it's a GEN or a HEN upgrade because all what i see under system is "5.50 prome-3" but when i shutdown the device and turn it back on and press and hold the "R" button, it says "GEN Recovery menu" so i take it is a 5.50 GEN??? please this is important so do correct me if i'm wrong

Now my second question, the last of what i remember (before i went away thinking that this would be the last time i upgrade my psp as right now my psp plays just about everything i'll ever need to play) i saw Prometheus 3 came out for my firmware so i knew exactly what to upgrade, sadly now i don't :( ... what i'm trying to achieve really is the ability to play the latest games without me having to upgrade my firmware (without the iso tool) something similar to i don't know fake 6.30+ games patch or Prometheus 4 or 5 whatever is the latest??? please advise

the reason why i want to upgrade now is to be able to play Gods of War: Ghost or sparta and split second and The 3rd Birthday

Oh sorry forgot to add, it's psp 1000 that i've got.

Thanks for looking and i really do appreciate your patience and responses.
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