Palevolent Isles (PalGuard Protected)

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Welcome to Palevolent Isles, a Palworld server where you can explore, battle, and trade with other players in a vast and diverse world. Whether you prefer the frozen lands of the Glacial Sentinels, the fiery terrain of the Magma Reavers, the shifting dunes of the Sandstorm Warriors, or the bamboo forests of the Terra Wardens, you will find a faction that suits your style and personality. Join one of the four factions and compete for glory and resources in various events, such as elemental cups, tier cups, raid bosses, treasure hunts, and priority targets. Earn gym badges by challenging the faction leaders and their elemental pals, and unlock the chance to face a final boss for a special pal. Or, if you prefer a more peaceful approach, you can set up your own shop and trade goods with other players, and much more. No matter what you choose, you will have a blast in Palevolent Isles!

24/7 PvP:
Whether you want to challenge your friends, rivals, or random players, you can always find an opponent on our server. Test your skills and strategies in various situations, and earn rewards for your victories.

Pal Battle Cups Coming soon:
If you think you have what it takes to be the best, sign up for our tournaments and compete with other players for glory and prizes. We will soon offer cups for each pal rarity level, and even each element!

World Bosses and Loot Drops:
Explore the vast and diverse landscapes of Palevolent Isles and find hidden treasures and rare items. Join forces with other players to take down powerful bosses custom made for an open world challenge, and claim their loot. Customize your pals and equipment to suit your playstyle.

Choose allies, or choose ALL out war:
Palworld is not just a game, it's a lifestyle. On our server, you can meet like-minded players who share your passion and vision. You can make friends, allies, enemies, or rivals. You can form alliances or gain enemies. You can create your own legacy in Palevolent Isles.

Serious Players Only:
Our server is not geared for casual players. We only accept players who are serious about the server and have a good reputation in the community. To join our server, you need to apply through our discord server. This ensures that our server is safe, friendly, and high-quality.

We value fair play and respect on our server, so we have strict rules against griefing, cheating, and harassment. Our moderators are always online to enforce the rules and ban any offenders. You can report any issues or problems through our discord.

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