No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle [RUYP99]

Gecko Codes & Pro Action Replay Codes for Wii games.

final kaoss

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Infinite Health [Apache81]
0408E994 60000000

Infinite Katanas Energy [Apache81]
040B41DC 60000000

Infinite Ecstasy [Apache81]
04086FF4 D01F002C
04076B34 D003002C

To have full ecstasy the first time you need to hit or to be hit

Infinite Money [Apache81]
4A000000 92F86734
DE000000 90009340
14000000 0098967F
E0000000 80008000

Glastonbury (The Robot) Codes

Glastonbury Infinite Health [Apache81]
0431D1B4 60000000

Glastonbury Infinite Ecstasy [Apache81]
0431E2BC D03C0704
0431D210 D27E0704

To have full ecstasy the first time you need to hit or to be hit

Minigames Codes

Bizarre Jerry 5 Infinite Lives [Apache81]
043960EC 907E0068

Job Minigame 01 Infinite Lives [Apache81]
04295AAC 60000000

Gym Minigames Codes

Muscle Minigame Easy Win [Apache81]
04372DB8 60000000
04373024 60000000

You need to hit at least 1 weight

Stamina Minigame Easy Win [Apache81]
04354C14 908308B4
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