NFL Blitz 2002 (U)

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final kaoss

Staff member
Top(M) Must Be OnInterAct375E7031 D6482502
234F34E5 DA604CAF
Top(M) Must Be OnDatelD782661C 2311F39E
31BF2D81 220E6562
Top0:00 LeftMadCatzBEF1F747593E
Top0:00 Time LeftInterAct05DC6B2B 8CAC8F30
Top0:00 Time LeftDatelFF76A821 4B959618
TopAlways 1st DownInterActBF489B6F 42989538
TopAlways 1st DownMadCatzD6513A557B1C
TopAlways 1st DownCode Master40DA47B4 85B6
TopAlways 1st DownDatelD4E79C9D B79BF811
TopAlways 4th DownInterAct0D29FAD0 3ADEA1C0
TopAlways 4th DownMadCatz96F17D475B3E
TopAlways 4th DownCode MasterD0FD4794 D0BE
TopAlways 4th DownDatelE44EDDA4 3A8A61E1
TopEnable Code (Must Be On)Code Master9AB9F687 5C87
565B5514 B584
TopPress GS Button for SlowInterAct78960794 27667199
TopPress GS Button for SlowDatelDBBA3A89 4CB74B94
TopTeam 1 Infinite TurboInterAct8E4E8968 94F3E561
TopTeam 1 Infinite TurboMadCatz1456DED86589
TopTeam 1 Infinite TurboDatel639D5394 8C881FE3
TopTeam 1 Score Always 0InterAct6C4B9273 85E235C4
TopTeam 1 Score Always 0Datel6B70664A 708B0AD2
TopTeam 1 Score Always 200InterActA91C3DD5 9D4038E2
TopTeam 1 Score Always 200Datel035E2A25 0F071ED3
TopTeam 1 Scores 0MadCatz93435F4C1314
TopTeam 1 Scores 0Code Master90A383B2 94B2
TopTeam 1 Scores 100Code MasterD0FD4794 503E
TopTeam 1 Scores 200MadCatzB941F7E19D95
TopTeam 2 Score Always 0InterAct742E6355 D2AAE682
TopTeam 2 Score Always 0Datel9FDAA50F CE521534
TopTeam 2 Score Always 200InterAct8015DB75 CE353B26
TopTeam 2 Score Always 200DatelB30A9795 D4080180
TopTeam 2 Scores 0MadCatz3EF6D74E413A
TopTeam 2 Scores 0Code Master99FD9227 F0BD
TopTeam 2 Scores 100Code MasterD9A35601 3431
TopTeam 2 Scores 200MadCatz14F47FE3CFBB
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz918C8E9EFAF0
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