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1,000 Ryo and Ninja Info Cards​

Enter any of the following codes:

Earth, Dragon, Dog, Tiger
Earth, Dragon, Ox, Snake
Earth, Hare, Dog, Monkey
Earth, Monkey, Rooster, Boar
Earth, Snake, Dog, Ram
Earth, Snake, Ram, Ram
Earth, Snake, Snake, Snake
Fire, Horse, Dragon, Snake
Fire, Ram, Ram, Ram
Lightning, Horse, Rooster, Rooster
Lightning, Monkey, Ox, Rat
Lightning, Monkey, Rat, Rat
Water, Horse, Snake, Boar
Wind, Dragon, Rat, Snake
Wind, Horse, Horse, Horse
Wind, Horse, Snake, Ram
Wind, Rat, Snake, Ram

Alternate costumes​

Press L1 or R1 at the character selection screen. The red sign will change to blue. If you press L1 again you will get green. If you press Circle on either blue or green, you will get different costumes.

Cheat Mode​

The codes are entered by selecting one of the five elemental symbols, then selecting the various twelve icons that are in the following layout:

1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12

All characters
Enter Lightning, Snake, Rat, Dragon as a code. In the Japanese version, enter Water, 12, 10, 4 as a code.

V-Jump Rank "S" mission
In the Japanese version, enter Lighting, 5, 10, 1 as a code.

Weekly Jump Rank "S" mission
In the Japanese version, enter Wind, 12, 5, 4 as a code.

Continue bonus​

Start a new game with a memory card with a saved game file from the original Naruto: Ultimate Ninja to get 340 Ninja Info Cards and 50,000 Ryo.

Defeating Zabuza​

Use the following trick when fighting Zabuza on the Hard difficulty setting. If he gets at least one chain of combos, you will be out for the count. The best thing that you can do is when he is about to attack is to go to the foreground or background; do not let him get any of his full Chakra techniques.

Fan Bonus​

Begin a new game using a memory card that has a Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (1) save file on it. You will receive 340 Ninja Info Cards and 50,000 Ryo as a bonus.


Beat Haku with Uchiha Sasuke in story 4.

Hatake Kakashi - ANBU​

Beat story 4.

Hint Scroll #1​

Win the Tree Climbing game 3 times with times less than 1:20:00.

Hint Scroll #2​

Get 3 shutout victories in Lee's push-ups mini-game.

Hint Scroll #3​

Win Guy's Handstand Race 3 times with times less than 1:08:00.

Hint Scroll #4​

Earn 3 perfect victories in Guy's Pose Challenge mini-game.

Hint Scroll #5​

Earn 3 perfect victories in the Shadow Possession Challenge mini-game.

Hoshigake Kisame​

Beat story 4..

Hyuuga Hinata - Successor​

Speak with Hyuuga Hiashi outside the arena. Then at the rooftop. Then speak with Hinata at the training grounds. Head to the arena and beat Neji.


Beat Jiraiya with Uzumaki Naruto in story 1.

Momochi Zabuza​

Beat Momochi Zabuza with Jiraiya in story 4.

Naruto Shippuden Characters​

Raise A characters level to the level in shippuden then give them the jutsu. For example, raise Sakura's strength and chakra then give her Tsunade's jutsu to make the new Sakura.


Beat story 4 for Orochimaru

Orochimaru - Sealed​

Beat story 2.


Enter the passwords in Naruto's house.

Password - Effect

Water-Rat-Rooster-Boar - 1000 ryo
Water-Rat-Monkey-Rooster - 1000 ryo
Water-Rat-Rat-Monkey - 1000 ryo
Water-Rat-Rat-Monkey - 1000 ryo
Water-Horse-Rat-Ram - 1000 ryo
Water-Horse-Hare-Dragon - 1000 ryo
Water-Horse-Horse-Horse - 1000 ryo
Fire-Rat-Snake-Dragon - 1000 ryo
Fire-Rat-Dragon-Dog - 1000 ryo
Water-Ram-Horse-Dog - 1000 ryo
Water-Ram-Rooster-Monkey - 1000 ryo
Water-Hare-Monkey-Monkey - 1000 ryo
Earth-Snake-Snake-Snake - 1000 ryo
Water-Snake-Rooster-Horse - 5000 ryo
Water-Tiger-Dragon-Tiger - 5000 ryo
Lightning-Snake-Rat-Dragon - All characters
Stone-Dragon-Rat-Dragon - Ninja card Tactics 66 and 1000 Ryo
Fire-Ox-Tiger-Dog - Ninja Info Card (Jutsu-63)
Fire-Ox-Hare-Hare - Ninja Info Card (Jutsu-86)
Fire-Ox-Dog-Snake - Ninja Info Card (Tactics 46)
Fire-Rat-Dragon-Hare - Ninja Info Card (Tactics-157), 5000 ryo
lightening-rat-rat-horse - Ninja Info card (tactics-87)
Lightning-Rat-Ox-Tiger - Sexy Jutsu Ninja Info Card
Wind - Dog, Monkey, Ram - Unlock "Fiery Duo's Challenge" - vs. Guy

Sandaime Hokage​

Beat Orochimaru with Sandaime Hokage in story 1.


Beat Shizune with Tsunade in story 2.

Taijutsu Naruto​

To unlock taijutsu Naruto you must talk to guy sensei and he will tell you to buy one of his siuts he will not tell you were it is but it is in Tanzaku Town talk to the merchant hiding behid the shed and buy the suit for 100,000 Ryo then go back and talk to him. he will say to find his secret training spot which is on the outskirts of a certain place well then you start out the training by doing Guy senseis poses then you have to battle fight him 2 times but be careful because his attack will be stregthed and your defense will be lowered.


Beat story 2 to unlock tsunade

Unlock all characters in USA version​

Go to Naruto's house, go to the input screen, then put in the following password to unlock all characters: Lightning-Snake-Rat-Dragon.

Unlock Chuunin Exam Stadium​

Go forward and back down the hole three times.

Unlock every single justsu​

Go to Narutos house and go to enter code, it will come up with fire, land etc. Go to fire and go to ram then monkey then dragon it will not work the first time but it will work the next.

Unlock Forest Of Death​

Hit the fish that jumps up sometimes in the river three times when it jumps.

Unlock Hero's Memorial Stone​

Hit your opponent's support character four times.

Unlock Hokage's Face​

Jump on the tree in the background ten times.

Unlock Ichiraku Ramen​

Make all the lanterns red.

Unlock Kazekage's Place​

Get three recovery items from the vending machine in the foreground.

Unlock Kikyoujyou​

Stay on the tail of the fish for at least two counts when the wind is blowing.

Unlock Konoha Forest​

Destroy five trees in the foreground and background.

Unlock Konoha Hot Springs​

Half destroy the wall and the stand on both sides (foreground and background).

Unlock Naruto Bridge​

Remain standing on the boat for five counts.

Unlock Outer Tanzaku Gai​

Attack the snake five times.

Unlock Sand Stage​

Destroy five of the things that are whirling in the tornado.

Unlock Snow Stage​

Destroy ten of the things that appear in the foreground and background.

Unlock Tanzaku gai​

Attack the slot machine eight times.

Unlock The Rainbow Icewall​

Attack your opponent's support character five times.

Unlock Training grounds​

Destroy eight of the things that appear in the foreground and background.

Unlock Watch Tower​

Go forward and backwards on the snake and the frog without touching the ground three times.

Unlock Zabuza's Secret Hideout​

Stay in the "attic" above the room with the area in the background.

Uzumaki Naruto - Kyuubi​

Beat story 4.

Uzumaki Naruto - Maito Suit​

Speak with Maito Gai at the marketplace. Head to the next city and buy a Maito suit (100.000 mon). Head to the next screen and fight Gai.

Yakushi Kabuto​

Beat story 3 to unlock Yakushi Kabuto
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