Most obscure games in the DC's library?

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Today I played the Floigan Bros. game for the first time, and then some Psychic Force 2012. Both are pretty original and quite obscure in their gameplay. This got me thinking about what other obscure titles are out there for the Dreamcast.

I would think the two I just mention are good qualifiers. The Floigan Bros. is a whacky platformer with a nice goofy-like animation look to it. And Psychic Force 2012 (which I love!) is a pretty damn cool fighter that thinks outside the box with its own unique style of gameplay. Really fun too. And I believe it is the only fighting game made by TAITO (correct me if I'm wrong).

Wetrix+, Seaman, Deep Fighter maybe..

What other wierd and/or obscure titles do you guys know of ?
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