Lost World: Jurassic Park

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  • Access All Levels
To access any level, enter the password XAXYYYYYZXYY.
  • Child Mode
Enter the password XXXXXXXXXXXX for easy kills and no gore.
  • Nutrition and Life
When playing as the T.Rex, kill a dinosaur by pressing the A button. While the dinosaur is in your mouth, press C. This will allow you to swallow the dinosaur and will give you a small amount of life.
  • Play as the Human Prey
Enter the password YYXYZYYYZXYY.
  • Play as the Hunter
Enter the password Y, Y, X, Y, Z, X, Y, Y, X, Z, X, Y.
  • Play as the Tyrannosaurus Rex
Enter the password AYYYXYXYYZYY.
  • Play as the Velociraptor
Enter the password ZXYYYZXYXYXY.
  • View All Dinosaur Galleries
To view all of the dinosaur galleries, enter the password XZXYXYYYZXYY.
  • View Compy Gallery
To view the compy gallery, enter the password AYXYXXZXZZYY.
  • View Human Prey Gallery
Enter the password YZXYZAXYAAXY to view the human prey gallery.
  • View Hunter Gallery
Enter the password AXXYAYXYYYXY to view the hunter gallery.
  • View T-Rex Gallery
Enter the password YXXYXYYYAYXY to view the T-Rex gallery.
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