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Expand your Seed Satchel
Once you have the Seed Shooter, return to Tingle, using the cave below (the one with the crystal ball in it). When you talk to him again, he will expand your Seed Satchel. Now you'll be able to carry 50 Seeds of each flavor.
Trade Items to get the Noble Sword
Trading Items provide another quest for Link. You don't have to participate, but if you do, you'll reap a powerful Sword upgrade which will make the rest of the game much easier. Although you can trade items as you go along, I suggest doing it all at once right after the Level Four Dungeon.

1. Poe Clock
Get this from the Poe in the Graveyard.

2. Stationery-Past
Give the Poe Clock to the Postman to get the Staionery.

3. Stink Bag- Past
Go to the Toilet shack and give the disembodied hand the Stationery to get the Stink Bag.

4. Tasty Meat-Present
Go to Crescent Island. On the east shore is a teepee with a chef inside. Give him the Stink Bag and he'll trade you some Tasty Meat.

5. Doggie' Mask-Present
Go to the house with the Mask Salesman, just west of the drawbridge up to the Nuun Highlands. For the Tasty Meat, you'll get the Doggie's Mask.

6. Dumbbell-Present
Give the Doggie's Mask to Mamamu Yan, who lives near the Black Tower near the south of Lynna City. She'll give you the Dumbbell in return.

7. Cheesy Moustache-Past
In the basement of Middle House in Symmetry city, you'll find a thin man wobbling back and forth. Give him the Dumbbell, equalizing his weight. He'll give you a Cheesy Mustache in gratitude.

8. Funny Joke-Present
Go to the east bank of the center stream in Lyanna City. Give the Cheesy Moustache to the right of the two lads standing there. He'll give you a Funny Joke to tell.

9. Touching Book-Past
Warp to the past and go find the depressed guy hanging out alone in his house--he's just to the left of the Target Range. Tell him the Funny Joke and he'll give you the Touching Book.

10. Magic Oar-Present
After you get the Touching Book, the next time you run into Maple, she will give you the Magic Oar.

11. Sea Ukelele-Past
Go to Rafton's raft shop on the east shore of Lyanna Village. Give him the Magic Oar to get the Sea Ukelele.

12. Broken Sword-Past
Go to where your starting point would be in the Present. Notice the holes in the ground? Use the Switch Hook and the tilted blocks to get across. Move down the coast until you find a small shack. The Zora inside will give you a Broken Sword for your Ukelele.

13. Fix the Sword
To get the Broken Sword made whole again, go back to Restoration Wall and talk to Patch. He'll have you participate in another fixing ritual (like the one you did to get the Tuni Nut fixed). Once you successful complete the slightly harder ceremony, your Sword will be fixed... into a Noble Sword!
Turn Nayru into stuff
After you beat Veran go to Nayru's house and she should be singing with people around her. Cut the bushes and if there is a rupee or a heart Nayru will turn into a blue faerie on one side and a blue rupee on the other. You can't get these though.Also you can turn her into monsters. First use your shovel and dig around the place .You might dig up all the grass on the screen. If you kill a snake or a spider more than 1 of them I think Nayru will turn into a blue mummy and a blue skeleton. Believe me its worth the time. Remember you must have beat the game and also it cant be a link game from Holdrum or it wont work.
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