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[FONT=Monaco][h=3]Kirby's Block Ball[/HEADING]

Released: 1996

Written by: [EMAIL="[email protected]"]Ben Kosmina[/EMAIL]

Page 1

Thank you for selecting the KIRBY'S BLOCK BALL Game Pak for the Nintendo Game
Boy unit.

CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS.......................4
KIRBY POWER BOUNCE.........................6
STARTING THE GAME..........................8
HOW TO PLAY THE GAME......................10
ON SCREEN INFORMATION.....................12
BLOCK CHART...............................14
BONUS ROUND...............................16
CHARACTERS AND ITEMS......................17
BONUS GAMES...............................19
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[Picture of cartoony Kirby and enemies]
Page 3

Welcome to Kirby's Block Ball

In this adventure, Kirby takes centre stage in a frenzied, block-clearing free
for all! Through the positioning of the paddle, you send a ball into the playing
field and clear a variety of blocks, with the goal of establishing a high score!
After facing familiar enemies, Kirby must confront his arch-nemesis, King
Dedede! It will not be an easy task... Use the four abilities and the Kirby
Power Bounce Wisely!
Good luck, Kirby!
Page 4


+Control Pad
* Move the paddle

* Move the cursor on SELECT FILE and MAP screens. (pages 8 and 9)

* Return to the map screen.

Press SELECT while PAUSED to return to the map screen. You may only move to
completed stages, however.
Page 5

* Activate an ability
(page 7)

* Kirby Power Bounce
The paddle alters its shape to create the Kirby Power Bounce. The ball becomes
much more powerful.

* Launching the Ball
A moving arrow appears, indicating the direction the ball will travel when
launched by pressing the A Button.

* Pause
Interrupt game play.
Page 6


* Increased destructive power!!
Just before the ball hits the paddle, press the A Button. If you've timed it
correctly, the ball will change to Kirby. In this form, you can destroy Power
Blocks, which the normal ball can't destroy. You can also destroy grey blocks
with a single hit.

* You're safe when you hit the spikes!!
In the Kirby form, you don't lose when you run into a spike. In the normal form,
you will lose a ball if you hit a spike.
Page 7


If the ball hits a certain character, you can use a new ability, activated by
pressing the B Button. When using an ability, scoring for hitting blocks and
characters is doubled. Hitting a spike will cause you to lose your new ability.

SPARK - The ball sparks for a period of time, running through the blocks it

BURN - The ball burns for a period of time, and it moves straight up.

NEEDLE - Press the B Button just before the ball hits the paddle, then re-launch
the ball.

STONE - The ball drops down, crushing the blocks below.
Page 8


1. Correctly insert the Game Pak into the Game Boy system. When the title screen
appears, press START to begin play.

2. This is the select file screen. Your progress in the game is recorded in the
file you select. Use the + Control Pad to move Kirby, then select a file by
pressing the A Button or START.

To delete saved files, move Kirby to the bomb in the lower right, press the A
Button or START and Kirby will inhale the bomb. Move Kirby to the file that you
want to delete and press the A Button to delete it.

To delete the high score rankings (see page 18), move Kirby to the bomb in the
lower right, press the A Button or START and Kirby will inhale the bomb. Press
up on the +Control Pad and the B Button and the high scores will be erased.
Page 9

MAP SCREEN: Press the A Button or START to enter a stage. You may play any
previously cleared stage. Use the + Control Pad to move from stage to stage in
the direction indicated by the arrows. The stage number is displayed at the top
of the screen. You can move to any game in the Bonus Area by using the + Control

The stages are marked in three different ways.

[white dot]             [star dot]                      [star dot with flag]
Initial Play            Level Cleared                   Borderline Cleared

BORDERLINE DISPLAY: If you clear the bnorderline score that is indicated at the
beginning of each stage, a flag will be posted on the stage marker. To play the
11th stage, you must have flags on all 10 stage markers.
Page 10


Each stage consists of three areas and five rounds. Destroy blocks to proceed
upward to the next round. Defeat the boss to finish stage. You can progress,
regardless of borderline score, up to stage 10. Access to stage 11 requires
clearing borderline scores in all 10 stages.



Page 11

Damage enemy -- Warp Star appears
In order to proceed to the Boss Area, you must first hit the enemy with the ball
to damage him, making a Warp Star appear. Hit the Warp Star with the ball to
move to the Boss Area.

Erase All Blocks -- Gate Opens Above
If you can erase all the blocks that can be destroyed in an area, that round
will be cleared. After the score is displayed, a gate will open above, moving
you to the next round.
Page 12


* Remaining # of balls - At the beginning of each stage, you have four balls in
your inventory. If this number reaches zero, the game is over. When a stage is
completed, each remaining ball is worth 1000 points.

* Number of star blocks - This indicates the number of Star Blocks aquired in
the stage. Star Blocks cover spikes in the Boss Area only. When a Star Block is
hit it disappears.
Page 13

* Ability Window - This window displays the status of Kirby's current ability
(see page 7).
[ball]          [lightning]     [flame]         [spikes]        [stone]
Normal          Spark           Burn            Needle          Stone

* Score - The score in a stage begins at zero, and is tallied here. The first
through fourth highest ranking scores in each stage will be saved (see page 18).

* Gutter - If you hit a spike, the ball is lost.

* Paddle - Move the paddle to bounce the ball back into the playing screen. The
paddle becomes bigger when the A Button is pressed.

* Cursor - Use the cursor to select the direction the ball will be launched.

* Stage # - The current stage number and round is displayed.
Page 14


Blocks that show up during game play:

*Star Blocks - Located in Target Shooting Areas, the Star Blocks you have
aquired will cover the spike gutters in the Boss Area. The more Star Blocks
aquired, the more spikes that are covered. In a Boss Area, if the ball hits a
Star Block once, the spike it covered is revealed (see page 11).

*Switch Block - Once all the Switch Blocks are erased, the Bonus Round begins.
You receive bonus points by clearing the screen perfectly (see page 16).

*Through Block - During a Bonus Round, blocks change to bubble-like Through
Blocks. If you hit a Through Block, the ball flies straight through the block,
destroying it (see page 16).
Page 15

*Score Block - Each time you hit the ball, the points awarded will increase. If
you hit the block a seventh time while using a special ability, you will get a
1-Up and the block will disappear.

*Power Block - You can not destroy these blocks normally, but if you use the
Kirby Power bounce, you can destroy them.

*Pinball Block - This block causes the ball to accellerate when it bounces away.

*Ability Block - This block can only be destroyed by using a special ability.

*Warp Star - If you hit the star, it carries Kirby to the Bonus Game zone or the
Boss Area.
Page 16


In each stage, the scores ranked from first through fourth are saved. After a
stage is cleared, the High Score Ranking screen is displayed. If your score is
one of the best four, your name can then be entered for this stage.

Control Pad up - Select letter (forward)
Control Pad down - Select letter (back)
A Button - Enters letter, moves cursor forward
B Button - Moves Cursor back


When your allotment of balls has been depleated to zero, your game is over and
the screen shown at right is displayed. Select CONTINUE  and press either the A
Button or START to restart the game. If you select END, you will return to the
title screen.
Page 19


There are four kinds of bonus games available.
AIR HOCKEY - If you hit the ball into the opponent's goal, you get one point.
You have three chances in each Air Hockey game.

UP CLOUD - Use the ball to hit the clouds, gradually pushing them up. The first
one to the goal results in the indicated prize.

UP DOWN - Within the time limit, arrange four panels so that they all show the
same picture. Clear a panel by hitting it with the ball, and replace a panel by
hitting the arrow at the bottom of the screen.

STAR CATCHER - Catch the stars coming from the center with the paddles. If you
catch a bomb, the Star Catcher game ends.
Page 20

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