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[h=3]Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters[/HEADING]

Released: 1991
Game Code: DMG-KA-AUS

Written by: Ben Kosmina

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Thank you for selecting the Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters Game Pak for the
Nintendo Game Boy Unit.

Table of Contents
The Tale of Kid Icarus...................3
Controller Operations....................7
How To Play Kid Icarus...................9
A Guide To Angel Land...................11
Angel Land Secrets......................25
The Cast of Characters..................27
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The Tale of Kid Icarus

Let us return to the past, a long long time ago, in an age when the Gods and Man
lived together in harmony. At that time, there was a kingdom called "Angel Land"
which was founded by the Goddess Palutena. Angel Land was a place where the sun
was always shining and the people peacfully raised their crops. It was a good
and happy place and a smile never left the face of Palutena as she watched over
the country from The Sky Palace.
But, one day, her smile was wiped away as a result of a dream. A terrible dream,
which seemed so real and was much more horrible than the worst nightmare.
Calling a soothsayer to her, she asked him to unravel the dream and foretell
what was to pass.
Seemingly in pain, the soothsayer began to speak,
"Angel Land will be attacked.
Attacked by an invasion of demons from another world. Terrible demons by the
name of O...Or...Orcos!"
Upon uttering this name, the soothsayer was struck speechless, as voiceless as a
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Palutena immediately summoned Pit, the leader of the Icarus Army. The personal
bodyguards of Palutena, the Icarus Army was responsible for guarding the peace
in Angel Land and none took their job lightly. Upon arriving, Pit was asked to
have a seat, a liberty not usually given by a Goddess. Looking directly into his
eyes, Palutena began, "Pit! Thank you for coming. I have a task for you," she
then told him of her dream and of the soothsayer. "Pit, this dream will come to
pass. And, I believe that it will happen in the not-too-distant future. I trust
you, but, you must tell no one else! News of these terrible demons will cast our
peaceful Angel Land into chaos. I bid you now to begin training so that you may
gain special magical power. I am placing all of my hopes and fate of Angel Land
on you Pit. You must be the one to battle the demons." Sitting back in her
chair, Palutena continued, "Since the days of old, Angel Land has possessed The
Three Sacred Treasures. These treasues, when worn, will give the wearer the
special magical powers to battle any demon. Yet alas, poor Pit you do not yet
have sufficient power to wear these Three Sacred Treasures."
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So Pit, with the help of Palutena, devised a mission so that he might attain the
power needed to wear The Three Sacred Treasures. This mission was threefold: To
battle his way up under the Under World Tower, storm the Over World, and conquer
the dizzying heights of the Sky World Tower. Only then would Pit have sufficient
power to enter The Sky Palace and wear the Three Sacred Treasures.

To keep The Three Sacred Treasues safe in case Angel Land was attacked while Pit
was away on his mission, Palutena sealed them and sent one to each of the
Fortress Guardians. She knew that once they had their hands on The Three Sacred
Treasues, they would not give them up without a fight. After Pit's mission of
training was complete, and he had gained the ability to use the Three Sacred
Treasures, the job to defend Angel Land from the Orcos would be his.

With this plan in mind, Palutena then dispatched Pit to the darkest depths of
the Under World Tower.
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You must help Pit on his life-or-death mission to collect The Three Sacred
Treasures and return them quickly to the Sky Palace before the Orcos can overrun
the land.

Just what are the Orcos?!!!!!
[Dunno. Maybe an army of Sonic the Hedgehogs?]
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1. Controller Operations

*A BUTTON...Makes Pit jump (press repeatedly during a jump to give Pit a gentle
*B BUTTON...Fire arrow OR crashes down the hammer (if Pit is holding a hammer).
Left/Right...Pit will move left or right.
Up...Aims weapon (arrow) upward OR makes Pit climb up a ladder.
Down...Makes Pit crouch down OR makes Pit climb down a ladder OR allows Pit to
drop through some floors.
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*SELECT BUTTON...Selects NEW GAME or CONTINUE from the Title Screen. Press
during a game to change the Bow into a hammer.
*START BUTTON...Press to start the game. Press during a game to pause the

Use the pause to temporarily stop the game. Press the START Button once to pause
the game. While paused you can use the + Control Pad scroll around the area
surrounding the display. Press the START Button again to display the Item
Screen. Press the START Button one more time to restart the game.

**During a game, press the A, B, SELECT and START Buttons at the same time to
reset the game and show the title screen.
**When the title screen is displayed, press left on the + Control Pad, the
SELECT Button and the B Button at the same time to erase the saved game.
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2. How to Play Kid Icarus

*Before Starting the Game...Correctly insert the cartridge into your GAME BOY
Compact Video Game System and turn the power switch to the "ON" position.
"Nintendo" will appear on the screen followed by the story and the title screen.

*The Title Screen...When the title screen appears, press the SELECT Button or +
Control Pad to choose NEW Game or Continue, then press the START Button.
NEW GAME...Starts the game from the very beginning.
CONTINUE...Restarts the game from the area saved at.

*SAVE?...You can only save a game after reaching the checkpoint at the end of
that area. After the points earned in that area are added to your score, move
Pit in the SAVE direction (Left) to display the save screen. Select YES from the
save screen to save the game status up to the present point and continue on to
the next area. Select NO, and Pit will continue to the next area without saving
the game.
NEXT...To simply enter the next area without saving, move Pit in the NEXT
direction (right) and Pit's adventure will continue.
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*Item Screen...During a game, the game action will pause when the START Button
is pressed once. Pressing the START Button again will display the Item Screen.
The Item Screen displays Pit's personal data and possessions.

*Credit and Continue...This game offers Credit and Continue functions. When Pit
is defeated, and if credits remain on the Credit Screen, the game can be
continued with all the items Pit has collected so far. (The Credit function will
not register items found and hearts earned in Fortresses or The Sky Palace-Stage
4.) When the game is over, select CONTINUE from the Title Screen to restart the
game from the last area saved.

NOTE - The battery back-up stores the game when the Game Boy power switch is
turned off. However, credits are not stored when the Game Boy is turned off.
Page 11

3. A Guide to Angel Land

**Just what sort of world is Angel Land where Pit has his adventures?

The world of Angel Land is divided into four seperate stages:
The Under World Tower, the Over World, the Sky World Tower and the Sky Palace.
The Under World Tower, the Over World and the Sky World Tower stages are each
divided into three areas and a Fortress. By defeating the Guardian of a
fortress, the stage is cleared and Pit will reclaim one of The Three Sacred

A tower rising up from the Under World. Pit starts his mission here climbing to
reach the Over World above.

This wide stage covers the ground area between the Under World Tower and the Sky
Tower. Fight your way across this area to the entrance of the Sky World Tower!
Page 12

A tower soaring into the sky. Climb to the top of this tower to reach the
entrance to Palutena's wonderful Sky Palace.

The Sky Palace towers over Angel Land. Not only is Palutena here, but others
await Pit. Who are they, and what could they want?!!!!

Beware of the Fortress!
The fortress at the end of each stage is a maze full of enemies and traps.
Carefully hunt down the Guardian of each fortress who greedily holds one of the
Three Sacred Treasures. You'll have to defeat the Guardian to recover the
treasure that he holds.
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4. The Items
All sorts of items appear during the course of this game. Each of the items is
very useful to Pit for the success of his mission. Make sure you know what each
of these items do before you start collecting them.

Each item helps Pit with his mission.

When defeated, an enemy turns into a heart. Collect these Hearts to swap for
items in The Shop or The Black Market. Each Big Heart is worth 10 Hearts. Each
Half Heart is worth 5 Hearts.

The hammer is useful not only for defeating enemies, but can smash the
Centurions and even knock down some walls. If you have a hammer in stock, press
the SELECT Button to equip it instead of the Bow.
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Recovery Items
-Water of Life (Goblet)
One little Goblet full of the Water of Life restores Pit's life energy a little

-Water of Life (Bottle)
One Bottle full of the Water of Life extends Pit's life for one full block. Pit
can stock 1 Bottle for later use. When his strength display reaches 0, the
Bottle is automatically used.

-Water of Life (Chalice)
One big Chalice full of the Water of Life restores Pit's life one full block.
The Chalice will restore Pit's life as soon as he touches it.

-Water Barrel
When Pit has the Water Barrel, he can store up to 8 Bottles of the Water of
Life. Unfortunately, the Water Barrel alone has no effect.

**Collect as many hammers as you can. They are very important!
Page 15

Touch a Harp during a stage and enemies turn into hammers for a fixed period of

When Pit holds the Feather, he can fly for a fixed period of time by tapping the
A Button.

-Credit Card
Pit may find the Credit Card in a Treasure chamber. The Credit Card allows him
to buy one item in the Black Market.

Each Key allows Pit to open one locked door.

Centurions await in each stage. When the Centurion is hit with a Hammer, an item
sometimes appears.
Page 16

-Palutena's Key
Palutena's Key is hidden near the end of each area. All the doors in the area
will open when Pit touches Palutena's Key. NOTE: Palutena's Key only appears if
Pit has entered each room in the area.

*Special Fortress Items*
This is a map of the Fortress. It is of no use unless Pit also holds the Pencil
or Torch.

The Torch shows Pit's position on the map.

The Pencil shows where Pit has been on the map.
Page 17

-Life Block
If Pit has been successful in his mission, he will receive an additional Life
Block from Zeus when he arrives at the checkpoint. Pit can receive up to five
Life Blocks.

-Power Arrows
If Pit has been successful in his mission, when he enters the Sacred Chamber he
will receive a Power Arrow from Zeus. The Power Arrows show Pit's strength. The
more Power Arrows Pit has, the stronger his attack power. Pit's maximum is eight
Power Arrows.

How can Pit be successful on his mission?
Pit's mission is not just to defeat the enemies of Angel Land. There are many
elements that are related to his progress. As Pit progresses he has to meet many
challenges along the way.
Page 18

Pit receives weapons from Zeus if he succeeds in special training in the Sacred
Training Center. The Weapons will increase Pit's strength both offensively and

-Fire Arrow
A fireball engulfs the tip of Pit's arrow to increase his chance of hitting the
target. The Fire Arrow can be used when Pit's Life Meter is at least 2 blocks

-Long Bow
A sacred bow to extend the distance that Pit's arrows fly. The Long Bow can be
used when Pit's life meter is at least three blocks full.

-Protective Crystals
Two Protective Crystals surround Pit and protect him from enemies. The
Protective Crystals can be used when Pit's life meter is at least 4 blocks full.
Page 19

The Three Sacred Treasures have belonged to Angel Land since ancient times but
are now in the possession of the Fortress Guardians. The Three Sacred Treasures
give the wearer amazing pwers, but can only be worn by heroes who have completed
a mission.

The Wings of Pegasus allow the wearer to fly like a bird.

The Silver Armour halves the damage to the wearer from enemies' attacks.

The Light Arrows will defeat most enemies with a single shot. They can be fired
Page 20


Pit's mission is to become a hero, which will allow him to wear The Three
Sacred Treasures. Pit must first meet Palutena in the Sky Palace after
recovering the Three Sacred Treasures from the Fortress Guardians. When Pit
meets Palutena, if she recognizes that his mission was successful enough, she
will allow him wear to [I know about the mistake!]The Three Sacred Treasures.
However, Pit will not be allowed to wear all three of The Three Sacred Treasures
if he has not been successful enough in his mission. When Pit wears all of The
Three Sacred Treasures he becomes Amazing Pit.
Page 21

Many rooms exist in Angel Land, including the Shop, the Black Market, the
Treasure Chamber, the Information Centre, the Hot Spring Chamber, the Hospital,
the Sacred Chamber, the Sacred Training Centre and the Bat Chamber.

Pit can swap hearts for items in the Shop.

Water of Life (Chalice or Bottle), Hammer, Key, Pencil, Torch, etc..

-Press Down on the +Control Pad to change the display to other available items.
Page 22

Like the Shop, Pit can swap hearts for items in the Black Market. It's a rough
place, but some useful items can be found here from time to time.

Water of Life (Bottle), Water Barrel, Key, etc..

The Treasure Jars are found in this chamber. Break the Jars by shooting them
with arrows to expose the treasure inside. It costs five hearts to break each
Treasure Jar. Beware: The God of Povery lurks inside one of the Jars. Breaking
this Jar will cause him to make the remaining Treasure Jars disappear.
Page 23

A soak in the Hot Spring Chamber allows Pit to regain all his strength.

Enter the Hospital in each Fortress to have the Eggplant Curse removed by the
nurse stationed there.

If Pit strives hard on his mission up to the Sacred Chamber, he will receive the
gift of a Power Arrow from Zeus.
Page 24

Pit receives his choice of one weapon if he is successful at Zeus' special

The Bat Chamber is a room full of bats.

A place to receive helpful information.
Page 25


These secrets are worth knowing.

Apart from points awarded at the Checkpoints, there are other Secret Points that
must also be obtained. You should earn as many Secret Points as you can. If Pit
does not earn enough Secret Points, he may not be allowed to wear all of The
Three Sacred Treasures. As there is no indicator of the secret points that you
have collected, you should always keep in mind looking for secret things.

The hammer has the power to smash objects. It can smash Centurions, exposing
what is hidden beneath, and it may also destroy some walls. Something will
always appear when Pit smashes the object with the Hammer, so use it often.
Note: One hammer vanishes each time an object is destroyed.

If Pit breaks all the Treasure Jars except one, without the God of Poverty
appearing, the last Jar will contain an item. What item? You'll have to find
Page 26

The prices are very high here but you may be able to buy some very useful
things. The Black Marketeer doesn't speak to his customers very politely, but it
is said that a Black Marketeer in a good mood may reduce his sale price. To
negotiate, press Down and Left on the +Control Pad and ?????. Be careful: The
price may go up if the Black Marketeer is in a bad mood.

Pit can jump further if you continuously tap the A Button during a jump. Master
this technique and Pit will be able to reach even the most difficult places.

If the Eggplant Wizard in a Fortress places the Eggplant curse on Pit, he turns
into an Eggplant. If this happens don't panic! There are many tight places that
only and Eggplant can go through. These tight places may just be a short cut to
a place where Pit must go.
Page 27

*Pit and his Friends*

The main character of the game. He has been ordered on a mission by Palutena.

The judge of Pit's training while his mission is underway. The more successful
the training, the greater Zeus will reward him.

The goddess of Angel Land.
Page 28

Owner and chief clerk of the Shop.

Owner of the Black Market Shop.

The nurse at the hospital who removes the Eggplant curse.

The keeper of the Hot Spring Chamber.

Gives out useful information and teaches Pit many useful things at the
Information Centre.
Page 29

-All Stages

The Snake appears from a Snake pot in any stage, usually in groups of 4.

Materializes from inside the floor Pit is standing on to attack the unsuspecting

The Bats inhibit the Bat Chamber. They will fly around in surprise when Pit
enters their chamber.

The Grim Reaper yells and screams, calling Reapettes to attack when he sees Pit.

Animated blocks which suddenly fall from the ceiling and pile up.
Page 30

-Stage 1 enemies
Appear in the air above Pit, flying around in groups.

Creeps over the floor but has quick enough reactions to avoid Pit's arrows.

Appears from underneath to attack Pit when it finds him.

-Stage 2
Jumps like a grasshopper to attack Pit.

Wanders around the floor and attacks Pit when it finds him.

Floats up from the floor and returns when it reaches a certain height.

An enormous foot with a huge big toe. It drops from the sky.

Steals weapons that Pit is carrying, and sells them to the Black Market.
Page 31

-Stage 3
A mysterious floating creature. Nobody knows where it came from. It looks like a
jellyfish, but floats in the sky. [It looks a lot like a Metroid.]

An octopus-like enemy that attacks Pit.

A muscle man who stomps around the clouds.

An innocent-looking new moon that will attack Pit when it finds him.

-Stage 4
A lively old man who throws equilateral triangles.

A noisy bee which flies around and around Pit.

Has a face like a mask that splits into two when Pit attacks.

Looks like Amazing Pit and attacks in groups.
Page 32

A monster with four sharp teeth.

Sticks to the floor or ceiling and jumps between them from time to time.

A spider who jumps to attack Pit.

Flies around the Fortress like it owns it.

A wizard who turns Pit into an eggplant.

Normally quite still, but starts moving if it sees Pit.

Balls of fire which attack Pit in groups.
Page 33


-Stage 1
A bull-like monster that is half bull and half human.

-Stage 2
A monster with only a skull and the wings of a bat.

-Stage 3
A giant monster with the head of a snake and a body of fire.

The secret enemy that attacked Angel Land in Palutena's dream. But, just what
are the Orcos?!!!!!

Can you train hard enough to allow Pit to wear the Three Sacred Treasures,
become Amazing Pit, and defeat the oncoming Orcos invasion?
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