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900 Air​

Go along a wave and get in a barrel. Speed out of it then hit the lip. Do an Indy while turning right to spin faster.

Easier Speed Races​

It is actually much faster to hug the inside of the track and not drift at all in Speed Races than to drift to get a boost.

Quick start​

At the start of a race, hold [Up] a moment after the countdown meter reaches "1".

Various Codes​

Enter the "Extra" menu, then the "Cheat" menu, then one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Cheat mode714-555-8092
All boards619-555-4141
All levels328-555-4497
All suits702-555-2918
All surfers949-555-6799
All tricks626-555-6043
First person view877-555-3825
Maximum stats212-555-1776
Perfect balance213-555-5721
Higher jumps217-555-0217
Play as Freak310-555-6217
Play as Rainbow818-555-5555
Play as Tiki God888-555-4506
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