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[h=3]Itchy & Scratchy Miniature Golf Madness[/HEADING]

Itchy & Scratchy Miniature Golf Madness Instruction Booklet

It's a beautiful summer day and Scratchy's out for a relaxing round of
miniature golf. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all seems
right with the world. But Itchy has other plans. He's locked the gates
behind Scratchy and has boobytrapped the entire course with bottomless
pits, cannons and other obstacles, to ensure that the only holes-in-one
on this course will be holes in one Scratchy the cat! And to make sure
the job gets finished, Itchy's coming after Scratchy himself with
chainsaws, bazookas and flame throwers! Ooh, that Itchy!!
But what makes this Itchy & Scratchy cartoon special is that you get to
direct all of Scratchy's award-winning hijinks as he faces off against
his old pal in Miniature Golf Madness, where every putt Scratchy takes
could be his last!!


1. Make sure the GAMEBOY is OFF.
2. Insert the Itchy & Scratchy's Miniature Golf Madness game pak as
described in your NINTENDO GAMEBOY manual.
3. Turn the power switch ON.
When you see the Itchy & Scratchy title screen, press the START BUTTON. You
will then be presented with the Itchy & Scratchy options screen. Use the UP
and DOWN CONTROL PAD to select an option, then press the A BUTTON to modify
START begins the game immediately.
MUSIC toggles the game music On/Off.


Scratchy will move left when you press the CONTROL PAD LEFT, right when
you press the CONTROL PAD RIGHT and will jump when you press the A
When Scratchy's standing next to the ball, he'll line up to putt if you
press the CONTROL PAD UP. Once in his putting stance, he'll putt when
you press and release the B BUTTON. The longer you hold down the B
BUTTON, the more powerful Scratchy's swing will be, as shown on the
meter at the bottom of the screen. To make Scratchy leave the putting
stance before he's putted the ball, press the CONTROL PAD either left ,
right or down, or press the A BUTTON to jump out of it.
When the ball is rolling towards Scratchy, he can block it with his body
if you press the CONTROL PAD DOWN. This is a good trick for preventing
the ball from falling in pits, down hills, or down the wrong tunnel.

LEFT/RIGHT - Move Scratchy
UP - Putt
B BUTTON - Swing Club/Use Weapon
START - Pause/Resume
SELECT - Change Weapon

Scratchy will attack when you press the B BUTTON (except when he's in
the putting stance). He can always brain Itchy with his putter - it's
his default weapon - but if he's lucky, he might find some of the
weapons Itchy's lost on the golf course. To find these and other
pick-ups, search everywhere. There are many secret areas within the
holes in which pick-ups are hidden. To pick the pick-ups, run into them.
Scratchy begins each level with his putter as his only weapon, but can
use others once the appropriate pick-ups have been obtained. To choose
Scratchy's weapon, press the SELECT BUTTON until the desired weapon's
icon is displayed in the status bar. Use the pick-up items wisely,
because they can only be used a limited amount of time. The number of
uses remaining for each is displayed in the status bar.


Scratchy begins each cartoon with 9 lives, but with the holes that
Itchy's devised, he might need them all to get through the entire
course! Each time Scratchy gets hit, he loses a life. As long as he has
a life remaining, however, he'll put himself together in a second or
two and continue with the cartoon. Scratchy dolls were created by Itchy
for voodoo retribution, but if Scratchy finds one, they give him an
extra life. To pick one up, run into it.
A meter at the bottom left of your screen displays how many lives
Scratchy has remaining. When Scratchy runs out of lives, the cartoon
is over. If you think the cartoon is worth salvaging, use one of your
continues to extend it. Once your continues are used up, however, you
must start the cartoon from the beginning!


As in any golf game, the fewer shots Scratchy takes to sink his ball,
the better his score! Each putt adds one stroke to Scratchy shot total.
Erasers, however, lower Scratchy's core by a stroke, making them
extremely valuable to Scratchy's game.
If Scratchy's ball get lost or stuck, he gets a one-stroke penalty and
must take the shot again, so avoid putting into open pits!
Scratchy doesn't get penalized for hitting the ball into tunnels, but
they are still risky, because they could leave his ball anywhere - from
next to the hole to near the starting tee or anywhere in-between!
Scratchy doesn't get penalized for hitting into water either, but the
resistance makes Scratchy's ball move much slower and harder to
To help you find Scratchy's ball, an electric ball locator has been
included on the status bar free of charge! The shaded arrows indicate
the direction of the ball relative to Scratchy!
Scratchy's score is tallied on the scoring screen each time a hole is
completed. The scoring screen shows Scratchy's shot totals for each
hole, as well as a running course total. A plus or minus next to the
total indicated whether Scratchy is over or under par. If Scratchy
shoots below par on any hole, he is given a Bonus Life! Both the current
hole number and par are noted on each hole's introduction screen, and
can be beviewed during gameplay by pressing the START BUTTON.


Hole 1 : Grim Furry Tales
This hole is the Mother of all holes as Itchy tries to goose Scratchy with
his arsenal of chainsaws, electric cattle prods and flame throwers! Putt
towards the Old Woman's shoe for a happy ending!

Hole 2 : Malice in Krustyland
What could be wrong with a hole based on Springfield's best-loved
entertainer? Malevolent jack-in-the-boxes, trampolines, and teeter-totter
catapults, all set by Itchy to bring Scratchy's ratings down...permanently!

Hole 3 : Rest in Pieces
If this crypt-ic hole is as tough as it looks, it could be Scratchy's last
resting place. With open pits, a network of underground tunnels, and opening
and closing coffins, the ball could end up anywhere. Use the coffins as ramps
to reach the end of the hole and "reap" the rewards.

Hole 4 : Pirates of the Scratchibbean
Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for Itchy! Though the ship may fly the Jolly Roger,
this pirate hole will hardly be jolly for Scratchy. The scurvey little mouse
is out to give him a peg-leg, a peg-arm, and more if he gets his way...But
aye, matey, there's treasure ahoy if you can reach the end!

Hole 5 : I Scream of Genie
Itchy's hardly one to desert his mischievous antics, even in the Arabian
desert! He's set up poison dart guns, exploding traps and moving walls all
designed to put out Scratchy's lamp before he reaches the Genie-al end to
this hole!

Hole 6 : Chop-Along Scratchidy
It's high noon and Itchy's preparing for a showdown with Scratchy on the 6th
green. So when Itchy comes near, wherever you are, make it Dodge City! But
watch out, 'cause he's an ornery varmint, setting up piles of TNT and cannons
in your path to turn you into tumbleweed!

Hole 7 : Patty Meltdown
Get ready for a shock! Itchy's a master of generating mayhem, especially when
let loose in a power plant! He's sped up the conveyor belt, activated the
magnets, and has set off the energy dischargers to put a spark into your golf

Hole 8 : 20,000 Mice Under the Sea
Itchy's devised an under-water torture course for his feline pal! Scratchy
must putt his way under the sea, through dark sea-caves and reach the hole
before Itchy takes him out-hook, line and sinker!

Hole 9 : 9-1/2 Shrieks
Normally, black cats are an essential part of any horror story, but Itchy's
fixed this hole so that Scratchy is highly expendable. Even "Mother" won't
be able to help you through as psycho Itchy stalks you through the halls of
this abandoned haunted house! Weird things line the halls, catching whatever
comes their way, including golf balls. To make them let go of the ball, whack
'em across the knuckles by pressing the B BUTTON when standing in front of
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