HP updates Elite Dragonfly laptop with 10th-gen Intel processors, Tile integration

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    The updated HP Elite Dragonfly (left) next to the updated HP Spectre x360 15 (right). [credit: Valentina Palladino ]

HP's Elite Dragonfly laptop may have only come out a month or two ago, but the company is already updating it. The newest member of the Elite family received mostly an internal update ahead of CES 2020, including 10th-gen Intel processors and a new Tile integration that should make it easier for users to find their misplaced laptops.

Ars at CES 2020​

View more storiesWe reviewed the Elite Dragonfly last month and were impressed at how well it combined a thin-and-light design with solid performance and good battery life. We were disappointed that the laptop didn't launch with 10th-gen Intel processors, but the wait for that is now over. Any users buying an Elite Dragonfly in 2020 will have the option to get the newest processors, as well as HP's 4th-gen SureView privacy screen technology and newly added support for 5G. The latter expands upon the Elite Dragonfly's optional LTE support and, while nice to include in a spec sheet, it does more to future-proof the device than it does to add immediate value for users.
HP also partnered with Tile to bring device-tracking features to the Elite Dragonfly. Tile makes small Bluetooth trackers that you can attach to your keys, stick in your backpack, and place with other important possessions to monitor their location using the Tile mobile app. The new Elite Dragonfly laptops will have Tile technology embedded into the chassis, allowing users to find their laptop if they lose it.

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